Monday, July 13, 2009

Review: Mythology, Bible History, Fantasy Merge in Great Series!

Guardians of The Immortal Realms
By Ruby Moon-Houldson
E-Book Time, LLC
ISBN: 1598240145
184 Pages

I hope that you have already read Book 1 in the Guardian series by the time you read Guardians of The Immortal Realms by Ruby Moon-Houldson, although each book does easily stand on its own.

However, Book 2 explodes with action based upon what has already happened, so be prepared! As I read Book 2, I got more of the sense of the overall scope of this series. The books definitely have a feeling of Greek Mythology, using fantasy and Biblical historical tales liberally. The combination is impressive and very well done and each book follows and builds excitingly on what has already occurred!

By now you know that Christopher and Jadyn Varatoo had a child. He was conceived when Christopher was still a vampire, albeit a good one. You also know that Jadyn and Christopher have both been forgiven because they have proven the purity of their love and their faithfulness. One of the ways they proved their faithfulness was by being willing to surrender their child after only a few months!

In Guardians of The Immortal Realms, their child who has lived in the timeless upper realms has grown to be a man, looking very much like his father. At first Jadyn was afraid, Reuhial seemed distant but Christopher assured her that he had a job to do and that she should give him some time. As Reuhial watched the love flow continuously between Christopher and Jadyn, he recognized that love and was drawn toward them, even as he was drawn toward the Great One.

And that was not surprising because during the time Reuhial was with them, Christopher and Jadyn became even closer in their love—Christopher discovering that Jadyn had a small part of The Great One deep inside of her and Jadyn learning that Christopher was closer to being the pure one he once was. One of the gifts given them was the ability to talk to each other telepathically.

Reuhial had a specific assignment. As part vampire, he was destined to be the liaison between The Benevolent Ones and The Great One, who could not interact directly with them. These were vampires who had been exiled to the middle realm, who had initially followed The Evil One, but who had realized they had done wrong and indeed still loved The Great One. They were able to “feed” on the essence of humanity without feeding on their blood and over the thousands of years had done as much as they could to atone for their actions by helping humanity and fighting the evil vampires in the middle realm.

And in the middle realm, there was murders taking place all over the world. The Council of good vampires have been following these actions and trying to determine what is happening. Finally, Jadyn who has been dreaming of a great war enters the investigation and discovers that an ancient artifact, the stone of Light and Life, which was once used by The Purest One to bring Lazarus back to life is being sought by The Evil One and his followers! For he wants to move back...into the upper realm!

The book culminates in one of the greatest battle scenes of all time! And you can be there through Guardians Of The Immortal Realms by Ruby Moon-Houldson! Well, readers, I’m on to Guardians of Immortal Humanity, Book 3 in this series. Are you hooked like I am? Will the next book be as great as this one? I believe this is a must-read series for fantasy and science fiction fans! And don’t forget the romantic tension in there! Hot!

I think you'll enjoy Guardians Of the Immortal Realms by Ruby Moon-Houldson. I know I did!

G. A. Bixler

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