Thursday, July 16, 2009

Review: Vampires Gain Ability to Live In the Sun!

Guardians of Immortal Humanity
By Ruby Moon-Houldson
E-Book Time, LLC
ISBN: 1598240013
155 Pages

Ruby Moon-Houldson thrusts the deep love between Jadyn and Christopher to the forefront in Guardians of Immortal Humanity, Book 3 of the Guardian Series. In fact, Jadyn almost dies! And Christopher is fighting his own demon as the evil vampire that had been dormant for so many years is now fighting for dominance over the good vampire within him. Will the good part of Christopher win and will he get back to Jadyn who is slowly fading away because she is physically separated from her soul mate before it is too late?

Readers of this series are now very familiar with the erotic and sensuous love that joins Jadyn and Christopher. However, when the dark side of him took over during a time of intimacy, Jadyn had been hurt and Christopher felt it could become even worse for her and the baby (Yes, Jadyn is going to have another child!). He would not believe Jadyn’s cries that she was fine and that she could protect herself and the baby; he left and did not tell her where he was going!

The Stone of Light and Life has been stolen! Fortunately the two evil vampires are sufficiently greedy that they do not share the power of the stone. For they have now been transformed so that they are able to live under the rays of the sun and they are feeding during the day when many mortals are active. At the same time, they are using the power to become active and then take over major corporations across the world!

Their plan: to use humans as breeding stock for their blood needs while they control more and more of the middle realm and later, the upper realms!

Jadyn, who has always been able to win over an evil vampire, now has to deal with two who cannot be harmed in any way! She conducts extensive research, works with local college professors of physics and finally devises a plan... But it requires going back to Stonehenge and it requires Christopher’s presence and his being willing to once again take some of her blood! Will Christopher once again stand by her as she saves humanity?

Yes, of course, good wins over evil! Jadyn once again figures out what to do to destroy those that cannot be destroyed! But this time, it is not through battle, although there is indeed a major battle, which includes a new group of “good guys.” Jadyn’s uses her intelligence, her power, the powers she can control, and, of course, the help of her soulmate! For as soon as Christopher learned that Jadyn was ill because of their separation, he “flew” to her side!

I must say that I am amazed at the various scenarios that Moon-Houldson creates for this series! The creativity of the concept and her flair in following through with the details of the event is unlike any other author of my experience. Moon-Houldson has surely found her niche in the Fantasy/SciFi genres!

Better and better? Yes, that is exactly what this series is providing for readers! Guardians of Immortal Humanity has once again saved the world so that you and I can read about it in this great series by Ruby Moon-Houldson! And...already I’m wondering what is going to happen in Guardians of Immortal Life! My review’s coming soon!

G. A. Bixler

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