Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Is This Cool...Or What! Writer's GetAWay!


Traveling along Highway 59 just south of Linton, IN, several eyes have alighted upon a curiosity sitting tall in a yard along the highway. The question asked is: WHAT IS IT?

The object…a 12x12x12 foot pylon-shaped building. A pylon looks like a pyramid but with the top cut straight across instead of being pointed. What is the building used for? Answer: It’s a quiet getaway spot for area author, Ruby Moon-Houldson.

When a critical or delicate point for a work in progress has been reached then Ruby can take a few steps out of her house and seclude herself for a time in a special atmosphere that will inspire creativity for her work.

The interior is unique–that of the author’s design. It includes neon lighted accessories, glow-in-the-dark wallpaper (stars and constellations), and blacklight reflective carpeting. Much of the building materials and interior decorating supplies were purchased from local merchants–Diana’s Wall Paper, and Ross’ Floor Store to name a couple. A few specialty retailers contacted the owner and contributed items for the project seeing that it was such a unique undertaking. A special gift from Nimoy—an autographed photo print from his ‘Shekinah’ series—hangs on the south wall.

To see the building click on the following link: (or the title of this article)

The entire outer shell is covered with smooth aluminum sheeting (a product available from the Amish), and held together with stainless steel screws. Erecting the building proved to be quite a challenge for the main builder. All he had to go by was a picture and a paper model–there were no building plans to be found on the Internet or through any other building construction source.

Careful planning and several long hours went into erecting this unique building which does indeed have electricity and air conditioning. Construction of this writer’s getaway took about 5 months to complete.

Now it is not uncommon for authors to have their own unique writing hideaway. There are some writers whose “hideaway” d├ęcor includes a mausoleum look, an Egyptian type atmosphere, outer space, or a jungle scene. Every writer is unique and so is their writing space.

So if you’re ever driving past a “pylon” like building south of Linton, IN, just know that a creative mind is probably hard at work there. For those who are in the area and are curious about the building, Ruby invites you to stop by and take a peek at creativity in progress. Countless people have already stopped in for a look. The building has already housed special guests—an area Writers Group—that held a meeting within the four slanted walls. Also a television news camera crew recently spent some time within the pylon shaped building—Ruby was interviewed within her writing abode. That interview can be found by following this link:

Thus far Ruby had written four books within her writer’s getaway and is currently writing “More Than Angels: Once Upon a Dream” and the 10th ‘Guardian’ book inside the unique building. While hiding out within the pylon shaped building, Ruby worked on much of the soon to be released Star Trek reference/tribute book—Celebrating Trek’s 40th Anniversary.

So visit the two links above and enjoy.

Ruby Moon-Houldson

What do you think readers? Is this a cool site to write, or not????

Thanks so much, Ruby, for sharing this and responding to my request during your interview (for those who have not yet read Ruby's interview, just scroll down!!!



  1. That is pretty cool! Not sure if I could write in that room though...

    L. Diane Wolfe

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  3. Diane, I think I agree...I'd like to sit in it or lay on the floor and dream...but write? I think I'd be too involved with the surroundings instead! LOL

  4. Hi,

    When I first go into my little getaway I do sit for a time and just look around. It's my relaxation time and I begin to gather my thoughts. It really is nice and comfy inside. It's bigger than it looks, too. A local Writers Group held a meeting in there and when I was interviewed by a tv news reporter there were three of us inside the building along with camera and lights. It's nice and quiet--hardly any sound gets through the walls to the inside--it's insulated quite well. I do have a tv and a vhs/dvd player I can use if I want to. And of course, there are original Star Trek episode DVD's there for me to watch. I mostly just listen to what's taking place on tv. I don't need to watch the screen for I already know what's happening.

    Anyway, it's a wonderful place, and it helps in letting my imagination soar.

    Ruby Moon-Houldson