Saturday, July 11, 2009

Author Ruby Moon-Houldson Provides Chance to Win Books!

How about winning a signed set of Ruby’s ‘More Than Angels’ books? Two sets are up for grabs. Here’s what you need to do in order to win the books:

Go to Ruby’s ‘ning’ website, , and look up the answers to the questions posed to you in this contest announcement. Be the first two people to contact Ruby with the correct answers to all the questions and you will win a signed set of the ‘More Than Angels’ books.

Ready? Here we go:

1) What is the name of the music composer of the ‘Night Sins’ music soundtrack that’s based on Ruby’s “Guardian” series?
2) What words are written across the top banner of the “Billboard” that depicts Ruby’s picture and two of her books? (Look under the Photos tab to find the picture).
3) The book blurb with Ruby’s book, The Mark of Cain, how many years does it say that Cain has walked the earth? (Look under the Photos tab to find the book and book blurb).
4) On the second page of Ruby’s ‘Photos’, what is Ruby doing in the 9th picture on that page?
5) In the video of Ruby’s building, what does the last picture show? (Look under the Videos tab).
6) How many books are there in the “Guardian” series? (Look under the Photos tab, first page for a picture depicting all the books together.)
7) Whose book is my name mentioned in? (Look under the Blogs tab).
8) Ruby’s books are on Amazon. What is the title of the 5th book on the Books Website? (Look under the Forum tab to find the link to Amazon).
9) Which reviewer wrote: “The story is captivating. I feel it is one of the best books I have read for quite some time.” (Look for the review on the Main page).
10) What three videos are shown on Ruby’s Videos page? (Look under My Videos on the Videos page).

Good luck.


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