Saturday, July 18, 2009

Review: Immortal Life is Saved With Jadyn's Supreme Sacrifice!

Guardians of Immortal Life
By Ruby Moon-Houldson
E-Book Time, LLC
ISBN: 1598240021
212 Pages

When your enemy can enter and read your mind, any plan to rid the world of the monster is going to fail! That's what Jadyn faces in Book 4, Guardians of Immortal Life, by Ruby Moon-Houldson...

Saving the world sometimes can be frustrating--Jadyn got rid of the evil vampires who had stolen The Stone of Light and Life; however, during that bit of magic, a greater monster used her activities to reach back into the mortal world. And his power is now being used to enter the dreams of Jadyn and Peyton.

If you've been reading this series along with me, you should have immediately questioned--who is Peyton?!

Between Books 3 and 4, it has been fairly quiet, both Christopher and Jadyn handling their routine respective duties; however, they have also had two children! Peyton and Adrian! At the time we enter Book 4, both children are in their teens and are already being trained to assume future duties. Peyton has the mark of a Guardian, but also has traits received from Christopher. Adrian is a Pure Vampire and Pure One but also has traits gained from Jadyn. In fact, they are constantly finding out what new abilities they have! Even those in the Higher Realms have taken notice of their inherited traits and are sending specific teachers to help them learn how to use each skill as best they can...

Both Jadyn and Peyton are having the same dream--it is the memory of the beast as he killed all of the guardians during his earlier time on earth. Magically, he is using the dream of killing guardians to pull in Pure Vampires this time. Having killed all the living guardians in the past, he is planning to kill the last two--Jadyn and Peyton. Trying to save the Pure Vampires and themselves, Jadyn and Peyton stay awake for days, until it is impossible for them not to sleep.

When Peyton drops off, Adrian is on watch and immediately finds Jadyn to join her in sleep and fight this demon, which, of course, does take some time! But Peyton does not remain alone for long. A young man appears in Peyton's dream and provides a charm for Peyton to use until Jadyn joins her. I'll let your own imagination develop who this dream-man is!

Never before has Jadyn been placed in the position of having to worry not only about her life, but her daughter's. Finally, she arrives at a plan of action, only to learn the monster has now gained sufficient power to enter her mind and learn what she is going to do! She then begins to work more with Peyton, trying to determine what Peyton is able to provide in support of her own efforts; but Peyton is just not experienced or powerful enough.

Guardians of Immortal Life once again provides evidence of Ruby Moon-Houldson's powerful imagination and creativity in this one! The book has one surprise after another. But this time Jadyn gives her all to save Immortal Life and proves that love is greater than any other force! Readers you really don't want to miss this one! It's a Winner!

G. A. Bixler

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