Saturday, March 6, 2010

Review: Latest Lisa Scottoline's Novel Due Out March 16th!

Think Twice

By Lisa Scottoline
St. Martin’s Press
ISBN: 9780312380755
374 Pages

The identical twins had not grown up together, but now, both of them grown women, they had met and were trying to establish some type of relationship. It was hard. And if you, the readers knew what was going to happen, you might yell, Think Twice! Don’t miss Lisa Scottoline’s latest thriller coming out March 16th!

Bottom line – Bennie Rosato, one of Scottoline’s regular characters has a twin, who decides to kill her and take her place. That’s not giving away the end of the story—that’s what the novel is all about!

Her sister, however, doesn’t actually kill her—she just buries her alive...

Can I just say I thought this was a fun-type of book. Some may think the scenario is not quite believable. After all, Alice Connelly moves into her apartment, her office, and even her boyfriend’s arms and not many see too much difference?

Well, no, they don’t—especially those that find that this “Bennie” is friendlier, more prone to do what they want and help them get ahead...

And even if you wonder why Bennie was just buried, well, I have to say watching her efforts to get out, especially with a little help from an unexpected animal friend, was an exciting part of the story.

In the meantime, there is only one reason Alice Connelly has even come to visit and she won’t be there long. Her attempt to gain access to Bennie’s company funds is fruitful and she is happily transferring funds early in the game!

Now I did have a little problem with the boyfriend who willingly beds the sister down quite easily...but then, they had been separated for quite some time. Still, you’d think there’d be some difference in or outside of the bedroom?

One thing that probably I would totally disagree with is the publicity question: “makes you question the nature of evil: is it born in us or is it bred?” Now, I just don’t think that anything that Bennie did to find her way back home and take her rightful place in her own life could possibly be considered evil...

Still, Bennie was placed in a role that was entirely unique in her experience and all I’ve got to say is—You go girl, you survived! Yeah, I enjoyed Think Twice by Lisa Scottoline probably more for the offbeat storyline...I like different and Lisa provided it for us in this novel!

G. A. Bixler

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