Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Book Readers Heaven Reviewer Selects 2009 Best Book Series Read!

Guardians of Immortal TruthGuardians of the Immortal RealmsGuardians of Immortal UnityThe GuardianGuardians of Immortal LifeGuardian of an Immortal SoulGuardians of Immortal DestinyGuardians of Immortal HumanityAgain, this is just for fun...but with some excellent book recommendations for you!

Science Fiction, Fantasy, Paranormal books were all secondary to my love for mystery and suspense until I met Ruby Moon-Houldson online. Her first book that I reviewed was for her Angel Series, which I thoroughly enjoyed and have since read alll three of those books...

More Than Angels: Once Upon a DreamMore Than AngelsMore Than Angels: Once Upon a LifetimeMystery/Suspense

However, it was the Guardian Series that literally pulled me into the fantasy realm as a fan! I've also read several of her delightful single books in fantasy, romance, et.al., however, her series books, for me, were so memorable.  I loved every single one of the books and am urging her to continue the Guardian Series! Right now, I'm reviewing the manuscript for Book 10! Each book I read, I always think that she can't surpass it, but she continues to amaze me! Ruby's creativity in the science fiction/fantasy has wholeheartedly found this fan.

I read The Guardian Series in one long marathon for the first nine books including Guardians of Immortal Faith which is not yet available... 

Click on any book to head to Amazon to learn more about these great series...Read My reviews there too!
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