Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Thanks for Special Birthday Greetings From Alllllll Over!

Happy, Happy Birthday Glenda!

I hope your Iris blades are cutting the clouds down to size,

and the roses are getting ready to raise their blooms to the skies,
I will send word to the daylily leaves,
to wait untill roses and iris are done
to color your world with life giving sun.
May your grass never grow more that one green inch high
and every darn weed will just turn up and die
and may you enjoy every day in life giving sunshine
and lots of good wishes be added to mine.
May your heart sing this whole day long,
now show that you'r happy with your voice raised in song.


Now go and sit down and lets have a piece of that Birthday cake,
and a cup of whatever your taste calls for today.

I had to send a thank you again
for making my day special.



Yesterday was my birthday and I got so many great thoughts from my online friends, but Mary, whose birthday is one day before mine, chose to write this lovely poem--she's been hearing my complaints about being snowed in...So she wished me Spring! I love it!

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