Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Connection, A Lovely Poem, And More, is Shared from Author Rajyeshwari Ghosh

The Connection

The fragrance of the newly blossomed flowers,
the chirping of the birds,
and the texture of the earth -
all remind me there is life.
There is a life to live and experience!
The blue sky is so magnificent,
and the ocean is so infinite
I feel like a tiny creature in this entire Universe!
How amazing this life is which unfolds itself
to something it is destined to be!
Just like a flower - it blooms, it graces the surrounding,
and spreads aroma - it is a joy to behold.
The sublime sensation that arose from the tone
of the sweet voice echoing from the distance
is a pure connection to the world within!

--From the Essence of My Existence

From the Back Cover -

Is the essence of my existence real or it is a pale illusion? Who am I destined to be?


These are some of the questions that led Rajyeshwari Ghosh to explore the world “outside” and “within” her. On her own from the age of 18, she came from India to the USA as an Undergraduate International Student. The poet poignantly delivers an insight into her world as a non-resident alien in the United States; we view her growth through her pain, anguish, joy and laughter. Her quest to seek the "Ultimate Truth" led her to confront courageously some of the severe trials and tribulations of life. In this deeply reflective, heartwarming volume of poems, the poet explores the very fabric of her existence –whether it’s a pale illusion or authentic. She transcends her sufferings, as she harmonizes her life with the guidance from the Universe, and ultimately rejoices to find her bliss in her own existence. Through her graceful words, raw emotions, feelings and artistic presence, she makes a powerful connection with the universal humanity. Her poems will render joy, and an affirmation that adversities can be overcome and dreams can come true!

You can read reviews on my Facebook Fan page (3 of the reviews are included in the Back Cover and the rest are inside the book) by clicking http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=132090039701

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