Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Thanks to Karen E. Dabney, Spotlighted Author!

Karen Dabney is ending the month by sharing several of  poems from her book...

This Gift

This gift does not appear to be much,

When compared to dress, dolls and such.

But within these pages, you shall surely find,

The ingredients to help develop your mind.

And as you grow older, you will resort to it more,

For the pursuit of knowledge is an ever-widening door.

Skeptics may scorn the above remark,

Let those non-believers remain perpetually in the dark.

Ignorance is theirs to be forever nourished in their breast,

For they will never know or envision life at its best.

Time alone will prove the accuracy of these statements, my dear.

The all-powerful human mind is indeed The Last Frontier.

Hayes G. Dabney, Sr., Esq., 1964

My Child

My child is my hope.

I keep him safe from dope.

I hug him everyday,

And bless him when I pray.

He's growing very strong,

And he knows right from wrong.

He is great company.

I raise him to be free.

The Magic Pencil, a novel for young adults.

Join Malcolm Bakersfield in his quest to learn the secret to the power of the pencil!

Meet his mysterious friend, Nia, who started it all!

Discover Malc's and your hidden powers!

By the way, in answer to the question you asked during our interview:

stream of consciousness- the conscious experience of an individual regarded as a continuous, flowing series of ideas and images running through the mind. The American Heritage Dictionary.

Karen, Book Readers Heaven has had a wonderful time learning more about you and your book this month. Many wishes for success with The Magic Pencil...and the next book in this series!

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