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Review: Robert M. Brown, Jr. Gets A 10 at BRH for First Novel!

The Longbridge DecisionThe Longbridge


By Robert M. Brown, Jr.
Great Little Books, LLC
ISBN: 9780979066153
530 Pages

Crying at the end of a Thriller and wishing there were more, with 530 pages already read, is unusual for me and probably for any novel! But The Longbridge Decision by Robert M. Brown, Jr., is not just any novel. It is by far one of the best I've read in a long time! A very special book indeed!

It is also the first book I've read by publisher, Great Little Books, LLC. Brown includes gratitude in the front of his book for "recognizing and appreciating my literary potential and then demonstrating the courage, commitment and entrepreneurial savvy to invest its financial and human resources in my first novel's publication."

I too want to add a comment in this review about the publisher. The book I received is a beautiful, heavy hard copy, displayed with the little touches that tell a reviewer that they are proud to have participated in this project! Kudos to both author and the publishing staff from this reviewer!

Admittedly, this book had many issues that drew me to select to read it. However, I got so much more.

I love thrillers, and rarely read a romance book, but I was captivated by the poignant love story that occurred between the two main characters. Indeed, I can only describe it as "fun" to watch the two most of the time and then other times, the relationship just about grabbed you by the throat and you wanted to shake one of these characters! I'm not sure whether this book has a sequel in the future, but I do know that I thoroughly enjoyed Tyler Waddill and Mayson Angelina Corelli and would have loved to read more about their relationship, even when the book closed...

Of course, the book ended because the mystery was solved--the mystery of who killed Morris Mendelsohn, a Senior Partner in the firm, Lieber Allen Attorneys. Mayson had been his associate until, unknown to anybody else in the firm; Morris had threatened her with sexual harassment. When she refused to play, her work was withdrawn and given to Tyler. Of course Mayson was a prime suspect for having killed Mendelsohn.

Now you may be thinking--typical thriller format. Well, you would be very wrong! Because the real action is behind the scenes, taking place at the highest level of the government, where Gregory Lamp, Managing Partner of Lieber Allen Attorneys, was to be nominated as Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. He was totally supported by President Thomas Longbridge and it was anticipated that he would be added as the next conservative justice, who would support the President's desire to reverse/create major laws on abortion, same-sex marriage, prayer in schools, etc.

And so, to pull attention away from the nomination process, Corelli was set up to take the fall with, surprisingly, only one man who was willing to help her--the man who had been given her job, Tyler Waddill. And to make it even more horrendous, they were soon accused, along with supporting documentation, of selling secret client information to the Mob. Now actually that was not too far-fetched a plan, since Corelli's family not only had "connections," one of her relatives had been a Mob hitman!

And I haven't even told you about the reallllly good part yet! Seriously readers please don't miss this one. In many ways, it is very scary, because in today's world, this could be happening right now! Remember, sometimes those you trust the most may actually be your enemies... even if you are President of the United States!

The Longbridge Decision by Robert M. Brown, Jr...In a 1-5 ranking, this was a 10 for me!

G. A. Bixler

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