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Review: Great Psychological Suspense Thriller by D. M. Annechino

They Never Die Quietly
They Never

 Die Quietly

By D. M. Annechino

ISBN: 9780982555033
278 Pages

Thanks to Amazon Encore for pulling this fantastic thriller and republishing! They Never Die Quietly by D. M. Annechino is a great, scary story!

I wonder sometimes whether the correlation between child abuse and serial killing is factual. In They Never Die Quietly Simon's mother was a religious fanatic, but thought nothing of taking her son as her lover. Using the statement that all worldly women were sluts, she taught her son just exactly how to treat a woman--her.

It wasn't a surprise, then, that Simon grew to believe that women, especially who were mothers, needed for their soul to be cleansed. And he made sure he could spend time with each woman by also kidnapping her child. For he believed "that he had a secret calling--God had given him absolute authority to purify his unholy victims..." (back cover)

But Simon was not always a good little boy and there was also another side of Simon that not even he knew about...

Detective Sami Rizzo and her partner Alberto Diaz are great characters as they work together to try to find the serial killer. Sami is having a hard time remaining objective, because she has a young daughter and cannot help but feel empathic with the women that were taken. The relationship between Rizzo and Diaz is fun to watch and later we find that Diaz has been in love with Rizzo since he first met her. At that point, I realized I'd like to see more of this team in future novels and watch how their feelings develop! Right?!

Rizzo also is faced with guilt when her ex-husband, to whom she refused to loan any more money, was murdered.

Let's say she just wasn't thinking straight, because she was fairly certain that a man who she had recently met and to whom she was also attracted, just may be the killer!

And she still agreed to have dinner with him, at his place! Without telling anybody, including Diaz! But when Rizzo's daughter was kidnapped, everybody knew she had been captured.

While Rizzo tries to escape, Diaz follows the clues...desperately trying to save the woman to whom he has never expressed his love...

Yep! You're right! A page-turner that keeps you up well past midnight! With just a touch of romance, They Never Die Quietly takes you into the mind of a psychopathic serial killer who doesn't even remember many of the horrendous things he has done! D. M. Annechino has created a winner for a psychological suspense thriller. If that's your preferred genre, don't miss this one!

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