Monday, April 5, 2010

Review: Hand of Fate - A Triple Threat Novel!

Hand of Fate (A Triple Threat Novel)
Hand Of Fate

By Lis Wiehl with
  April Henry
Thomas Nelson Publishers
ISBN: 9781595547064
304 Pages

I’ve been a fan of mystery and suspense books since I was young, so when I discovered that a number of Christian authors have started writing in these genres I was excited. What better way to see faith in action than to see great characters fight against the evil of this world!

Hand of Fate by Lis Wiehl with April Henry is an excellent example! Taking us into the world of radio, Lis Wiehl, a popular commentator for Fox News and other radio shows, including, with Bill O’Reilly, provides a realistic whodunit for us to solve. I failed this one, but that’s okay, because that just means that the storyline was intense and deep enough so that I was more involved, and less able to track the killer myself! Great!

Besides, there were so many possible suspects!

Jim Fate was a talk show host. One of those that either you love or hate. My guess is that I would have hated him. He was controversial, opinionated, rude, antagonistic... need I go on? He even chose the “Nut of the Day” That nasty award was for the best email that insulted him—and then he proceeded to tear the sender’s message apart!

His co-host, Victoria, had to be considered one of the lead suspects—he would not only take up most of the time, but often pushed the button to stop her input whenever he wanted to... Besides, she had stayed behind, to be with Jim as he died! Didn’t that mean she knew what had poisoned him?

And Victoria had given him the envelope from which the powder burst forth, claiming that the envelope had been mistakenly placed in her mailbox.

Everybody in the radio station immediately thought the powder could be sarin, and a city-wide emergency was declared, with panic ruling the streets.

One important issue I’ve left out so far! This Novel is A Triple Threat Novel! Think James Patterson’s “The Women’s Murder Club” and you’ll get the idea. If you love those books as I do, then you’ll understand that “A Triple Threat” will be fun too! Especially when one of the three women had been friendly with Jim!

This group of women includes FBI Special Agent Nicole Hedges, crime reporter Cassidy Shaw, and Federal Prosecutor Allison Pierce. Two of them are quite unhappy that one has held back her personal involvement with the case! But not to worry, they still work together to solve the crime.

This mystery was one I didn’t solve. Let me know if you succeeded where I didn’t...Better yet, let me know if you enjoyed the book as much as I did and whether you, too, recommend it highly to other readers!

G. A. Bixler

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