Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Review: The Caliphate by CIA Andre Le Gallo! Great Thriller!

The Caliphate

The Caliphate

By Andre Le Gallo

Leisure Books
ISBN: 9780843963052
362 Pages

The quote from Porter Goss, former Director of the CIA, was the first thing I saw on the back cover: “A tale of intrigue too frightening to believe—and too believable to ignore. But you had better believe it, because Le Gallo is the real thing.” What can you say after that?

Well, all I can share is my own thoughts! And I will say that I certainly support Director Goss. Andre Le Gallo in The Caliphate spends time in the early part of his novel teaching those of us, like myself, who, of course, can’t possibly know details of what happens during actual activities involving terrorism. I appreciated the slow beginning which then had me totally involved and connected with the characters as events became more... I can’t say thrilling because, you see, they were indeed very realistic... so I think climatic works for me...they were scary, in fact!

It all started with Steve Church when he proposed to his company that he could create new business overseas. He planned to stay with a friend of his CIA father, Dr. Coogan. On his arrival, he found Dr. Coogan unavailable but he had left an invitation to a reception at the ambassador’s residence—where he met Kella Hastings, the ambassador’s daughter.

Several things happened soon thereafter. Dr. Coogan was murdered. And Steve Church, by association, is immediately seen as an enemy of a group of radical Muslims who are working to restore The Caliphate, a “global Muslim empire.” (back cover)

I found it interesting that Le Gallo, with a 30-year career with the CIA, wrote his main characters so that, in many ways, both Steve Church and Kella Hastings worked as independent agents. Church is asked to work undercover for the CIA, but later decides to go back independently. I must admit that at first this seemed unlikely to me. However, as readers learn more about both Steve and Kella, each reveals a persona that indeed would strangle within government bureaucracy, plus they have the courage to act on their own convictions. For Kella, seeing a friend’s father kill his own daughter had resulted in a need to act. For Steve, with his life on the line, he had no choice!

Tariq al Khalil was earning a position among the Muslim world and was also working behind the scenes in the Muslim Brotherhood to restore The Caliphate. In fact, his family was the “royalty” of the Brotherhood, where his grandfather was honored for having the Quaran in one hand and a gun in the other, in his promotion of the renaissance of a pure brand of Islam. Al Khalil hated anybody that did not follow Allah and thought nothing of, when it was possible he would not be caught, simply killing those that were not of his faith.

Al Khalil knew something major was needed to begin the move to create a Muslim world. Many options were considered, and then one facility was discovered that would cause the effect he wanted. But al Khalil had not counted on Steve and Kella's involvement!

There is so much action and adventure in The Caliphate! It’s one of those books where you just cannot provide a good overview of the storyline within a short review! Key reason for reading the book, must be because we are living the story today—Everyday! The specifics might be different, but the underlying philosophy, restoring The Caliphate is real. You cannot afford to dismiss what this novel tells Americans! Buy it today! This scary thriller is a must-read—not just because the author can indeed talk the talk as many other authors do. But you will be walking the walk along with LeGallo as he shares about counterintelligence, covert action and special operations, bringing fiction to what may just be a version of tomorrow’s reality...

G. A. Bixler

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