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Review: Crea Jones' Rally Fever Is Thrilling Romantic Suspense!

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Rally Fever

By Crea Jones
Black Velvet Seductions
ISBN: 0980224624
264 Pages

Although I don't read very many romance books, I seem to always enjoy the books published by Black Velvet Seductions. Rally Fever by Crea Jones is the latest read and was wonderfully exciting.

Rally Fever

Marly was the youngest daughter of a father who had left them, a mother who "took advantage" of her illness even to the detriment of her marriage, and an older sister who got married and then when he was killed, dropped her little boy into Marly's lap, literally!

But that was no hardship for Marly; she loved her nephew as her own son and had been the only mother he knew for four years. The only real problem Marly faced was making enough money to keep her small family of three with a home and enough to eat. So once a year she traveled to the Sturgis rally, where she painted various pictures on jackets, vest and other items sold. Ten days where a small town was host to bikers from all over the country, some downright scary in Marly's opinion. Especially since her boss had asked her to wear something "special" this year to attract more customer--what the seller called a body web. Marly saw nothing but holes that would not cover much of her body!

Still, she was glad to be back at work and making the extra money she needed. Everything seemed fine. Marly would like to be able to go out and have a little fun, but she always remembered that she was not her sister who had rode off on the back of a motorcycle one day, only returning to drop off her son!

Still she was feeling more and more "broody," like her mother's hens in the spring and that's what was frightening her. Especially when her eyes "caught on a pair of steel grey eyes that fixed on hers...and his finely chiseled lips curved into a mocking half-smile that made him look...dangerous." (p. 13) Meeting Luke made Marly even broodier!

But then a notice appeared that somebody was looking for her sister, offering $10,000. Marly had seen her briefly one day on the back of the leader of Lucifer Lovers, a gang that had terrorized many of the families who actually lived in Sturgis. Then her sister is found murdered! And Marly could not help but fear that her sister's in-laws might be wanting to take Peter away from her. Only to soon have the Lucifer Lovers leader come searching for her!

And Marly also found out who Luke really was!

Could she trust anybody?

Rally Fever by Crea Jones turned out to be a fantastic romantic suspense novel! All of Jones' characters are so realistic that you think you are right there amongst thousands of bikers and their babes. I especially enjoyed Florence, the woman with whom Marly rooms while in Sturgis, who just happens to be her father's former lover.

The surprise ending caught me totally offguard and certainly confirmed that Rally Fever is indeed an Amorous Adventure! Crea Jones deserves a 5+ for this one in my opinion!

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G. A. Bixler

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  1. From the Publisher:

    Hi Glenda,

    Thanks for the WONDERFUL review. I have forwarded the link on to Crea Jones. I'm delighted with the review. Thank you so much for doing it. :-)

    Laurie Sanders
    Black Velvet Seductions