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Review: My Life, For Her by Robert J Saniscalchi Great First Thriller!

My Life,

For Her

By Robert J Saniscalchi

Don't be confused by the slow family life atmosphere that starts My Life, For Her by Robert J Saniscalchi. Because before long you will be caught up in the real-life thriller that Rob Marrino faces. Many of you will remember him as the medic in Saniscalchi's first novel, Bullets and Bandages that was based upon a true story. My Life, For Her takes us into a suspenseful real-life drama similar to those found in D. H. Brown's Citizen Warrior Series.

Rob Marrino is happy to be back home from Vietnam. Although it doesn't actually say, there are references to symptoms that he had and sometimes still is suffering from PTSD. So enjoying family, coaching baseball with his son on the team is just fine. He had become a cop in Pikesville, but there was not much happening in the area, and that was good too!

Until one day he found himself in the midst of a high-speed pursuit. A black sports sedan zoomed by with state police closely behind. Instantly calling it in, Rob joined the pursuit. A major bust for drugs was the result, but one brother of a top South American kingpin of a major drug cartel in Columbia was killed. Another brother was jailed.

And Rob Marrino had made the kill...

And he would be the one to pay...

Rob and Robby were due at the game. Beth Ann had ensured her son that she would get off work and come straight to the ballpark. But she never showed up. Like the wind, she was gone and there was little trace of what had happened!

The FBI had become involved because of the drugs case and fortunately, one of the agents personally took an interest in Beth Ann's disappearance, especially when they discovered that Beth Ann had been flown out of the country and had been seen being imprisoned at the cartel's "hidden" site. Seeing how Rob had reacted when he discovered where she had been taken and heard him cry, "My life for her!" the agent called him privately and gave him the information he needed to go and find his wife.

And then Rob called Tex, his long-time friend from Vietnam, who, he discovered, was still involved in handling secret situations from time to time--and he had all the connections necessary to get them in and out of Columbia! Rob had been the medic, but he had also been a soldier. It didn't matter that his hands still trembled in a stressful situation...he and Tex left immediately for Columbia!

Of course, plans can quickly be destroyed and improvisation begins... Once again, a praying man takes on the enemy and fights for his family and country.

I thoroughly enjoyed My Life, For Her by Robert J. Saniscalchi. As his first fiction thriller, Saniscalchi is showing his creative abilities in action-packed suspense that strikes where it most hurts--in the family. An author to watch in the future. Highly recommended...

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  1. From the author:

    Thank you so much for the review, as always, you get to the meat of the story.

    God Bless America!

    Best Regards,

    Robert J