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Review: Latest Laurie R. King Mary Russell Series on Sale Today!

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The God of the Hive

By Laurie R. King
Bantam Books
ISBN: 9780553805543
354 Pages
There was always a certain cadence for me in the Sherlock Holmes books. I "felt" it again when I first read Laurie R. King's The Moor and loved it again in The God of the Hive. I must admit that it was the new character, Mary Russell who intrigues me the most and she certainly has added a dimension to Sherlockian tales that enjoy a broader breadth and diversity, in my opinion.

In The God of the Hive, the breadth is emphasized, as there are essentially two different parts of a larger picture that is taking place. Mary Russell is on her way back home with a young girl named Estelle Adler. She is the granddaughter of Sherlock who he has never met! Interestingly, Mary had a hard time getting used to dealing with a child--in fact, the first thing she says is "A child is a burden." (p. 7)

But after they had made their way out of Scotland, and the small plane on which they were traveling is shot down, there is no way to separate the two, as they work their way on, with the injured pilot, Javitz, who also would not leave their side once he had been able to land with everybody safe, for the moment...

In the meantime, Sherlock is diligently trying to get his son, Damian, away from those who had killed his wife and Estelle's mother and left him with a bullet in his ribs, too deep for an amateur to get out--Sherlock must get him to a doctor or hospital... And if kidnapping a doctor was necessary, then Sherlock did it!

While back at home, both Sherlock and Mary Russell are wanted by the police and Sherlock's brother Mycroft is missing and then found dead!

Who and what has happened that has resulted in the entire Holmes family being under attack?

It all started when Reverend Thomas Brothers and others had been shot at the same time Damian was. But his corpse could not be found and it was assumed that he and his group were now searching for them...But Why?

This is an exciting whodunit that takes the separate traveling partners--Mary Russell and Estelle and Sherlock and Damian on two fast-paced adventure trips, especially when they learn that Mycroft is dead and his funeral has already been scheduled--although nobody knows who scheduled it!

Taking us into the many hiding places of London as they get closer and closer to meeting each other, readers are rewarded with inside tracks of what is actually happening. Little by little we are caught up in the family escapade until finally they are all back together! What a truly exciting book. Sherlock Holmes is alive and well under the pen of Laurie R. King, with the award-winning Mary Russell series.

If you haven't had the pleasure of reading her...you really must! And I recommend this series featuring Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes as your first! By the Way, this book is the conclusion of The Language of Bees but The God of the Hive is a great solo!

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