Thursday, April 29, 2010

Review: New Author's Book Should Be Considered for Fantastic Animation Movie!

The Summoning of Clade Josso,

The first descent into The Vein

By J. Dean

BookSurge Publishing
ISBN: 978-1439222737
316 Pages

The Summoning of Clade Josso,The first descent into The Vein, by J. Dean is my idea of the perfect book to be made into an animation action adventure movie! I know that the monsters in this book would be unparalleled for creative images that would be magnificent in full living color! Take, for instance, the Cloud Specter who appears upside down from out of the clouds, his huge arms reaching to grab you! Or the dangers of the Meridian that must be crossed...or... just the fact that everybody other than Clade, no matter what species, is, ahhhh, dead? What a fantasy Purgatory!

When his sister died, it seemed that Clade's parents died inside--they failed to keep themselves and their business in Cyrco up and the family had fallen apart, emotionally and physically. And so Clade used a rare artifact to seek out The Control, hoping to have his family returned to what it had been--could his sister be claimed from the dead, or, if not, would it be possible for her parents to actually see and talk to her to know that she was happy and alive where she was now?

Where did he go....ah, that would be part of the mystery...but the author claims that Clade was "vomited" there... I just had to add that as an example of the specific word choices that you will find throughout this novel!

Oh, and as soon as he got there, he met and talked with Trecil, his sister!

The descriptions for the place, the buildings, the people are all part of the phantasm, magic and excitement readers will experience as they join Clade Josso in his descent into The Vein.

Clade was attempting to enter a city whose occupants had no interest in letting him in and there was met by Radha, a member of a Sect whose purpose was much greater than the personal wishes of Clade. They worked to protect those that had found an artifact and help him find his way to The Vein.

Once inside, she led them to an eating place where he met other members of her Sect, but who were all different species. Then the unimaginable began when Clade's first tasty bite of his food, immediately the flavor disappeared. Food there was only for keeping you alive, not for pleasure. Radha quickly noted that it was sort of a punishment--being reminded of the pleasures of a former life...

It was then that Clade began to learn that the Sect members had been expecting him, that prophecy indicated that those who obtained the artifact would be able to find the Control and the Seven Worlds would be joined again, and those there would be able to rejoin their own world--and Balys-Crahly would be freed!
Now that is the basic storyline--but the real adventure begins when the quest is started and all the action starts! You haven't even heard of the bounders, or the maw eel, or worse, the Unseen or the Blindman!

Only thing I'm wondering is how J. Dean is going to be able to maintain the quality of his imaginative fantasy! If you're a fantasy fan, one who loves visiting other worlds, you must realize by now that your next must-read is The Summoning of Clade Josso,The first descent into The Vein!

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    Thank you so much, Glenda! I greatly appreciate it!

    And again, thanks much. If you liked it, please pass the word on to other people― I owe ya!

    J. Dean