Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Locket Spirit

The Locket Spirit

By Julie F. E. Neil
Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 9781608443444
212 Pages

What a wonderful book! From the beautiful front cover to the back cover, Julie F. E. Neil presents to readers a unique presentation, The Locket Spirit! You might call it a ghost-hunter novel, but definitely, you can call it a historical romantic suspense that takes place during the present and moves back and forth to the mid-1860s during the Civil War. It even has two love stories to enjoy! I loved it!

Renaldi (Renny) Thomas tells the story. She is a single woman who works out of her home as a consultant. In her spare time, she and her mother attend auctions and then resell them at a mall. One man, who they called Ebay was often there at the auctions, looking at the same items that interested them. They called him Ebay because he resold his items online; that is, until they bid for items out of the same box which held a number of momentoes of the Civil War. While Duane (Ebay) had bought the man’s pocket watch, Renny had bought a locket, pictures and a number of other items, all overpriced since she was bidding high to keep as many items from Duane as possible...

The same thing happened later at another auction when Renny and Duane both wanted to buy 3 books on ghosts and the paranormal...

By that time, Renny really needed them—items were being knocked over in her home and she would catch shadows going by in the mirror, or her dogs would be hiding when she came back from being away. Soon Renny was sleeping at her mother’s, afraid to be in her own home.

But that didn’t stop her from wanting to find out what was happening! Was there a ghost that had suddenly started haunting her home? She was somewhat irritated when Duane started asking pointed questions and indicated he was interested in the paranormal. After all, this was her ghost and house being haunted.

But she did need help—and Duane was there, and willing...

And the search to find out who the spirit was began...

Readers will read of the civil war soldier who was to be married after his 6-month tour of duty, only to be killed and left, dead, in a field. At the time the mystery is being solved, readers have the opportunity to learn more about Renny and how a devastating illness had affected her life. Was this why the Spirit would only communicate with her? Could he somehow connect to her despair and withdrawal from life?

Traveling through the search of Civil War details is an interesting historical visit of the time and memorabilia of that period. Neil goes into detail on many of the items and people and does a fine job sharing about the people living in the South, especially in relation to their relationships with their slaves. Perhaps that is what makes the story even more important...

Follow the two love stories you’ll find in The Locket Spirit by Julie F. E. Neil. Neither are typical stories. Neither are forgettable! Both are stories you won’t want to miss! Highly recommended!

G. A. Bixler

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