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Visit Mars with

LM Preston
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The Pack

By LM Preston
Phenomenal Press
ISBN: 9780984198979
316 Pages

By the year 2161, Earth is completely free of violence. Oh, there are still drugs, body organ theft and other “benefits” that the rich are willing to pay for, but if any problems arise, they just shut down travel to the planet! The Pack by LM Preston, who first captured everybody’s attention with Explorer X – Alpha has just released her YA novel, full of an action-packed adventure that I totally recommend—hey, you don’t have to be a teen to have fun reading about teen life! This book is definitely at 5+!

Mars is where it’s at! Or at least it is the place to be if you are a criminal. Originally, it was supposed to be that the criminals selected to colonize Mars were to be working to change—to create a new life. However, there were some hardened criminals who figured out how to relocate, figuring they would be kings there!

And they probably would have succeeded, if this possibility had not been predicted...

Major technological advances had been made. Mars had been built and colonized by the government, who had created a world as close to Earth as possible, including the generation of oxygen and other elements to approximate the control of temperatures there. Mars was colder in general and lacked the “green” of Earth, but it held its own beauty for those that had been born there and could not look back in their lives to miss their home...

For in addition to the relocation of criminals, there were also civilians who had been asked to spend time there. And a special Security Force Elite had been created.

With a body that had been developed from birth to provide extra strength and superior abilities...

But now, something had happened, the children of the original Security Force Elite were being kidnapped and several of the adults had been taken. There had also been other civilians adults and children taken, but the panic began because it should not have been possible for anybody to “take down” the Elite Force.

The daughter of two of the top-level Elite had had enough and wanted to save the children!

Shamira was a special young woman and even her parents did not know the extent of her abilities. In order to save her life when she was a baby, doctors had used advances that had only been used on adults before. She survived, but had been blind since then. Surprisingly, this had caused other children to shun her as a child and she had withdrawn into herself, allowing only her family to be loved and close. But the only one with whom she truly felt she could be herself was her younger brother David.

But then David was kidnapped also! And as Shamira roamed the streets trying to find out about all of the children and where they might be hidden—and during times her parents were working, she met Valens, whose sister had been taken. A hate-love relationship developed, Shamira hating the way Valens would not leave her alone, since she knew she could take care of herself. But then, after David was gone and he shared that his sister was also gone, she realized that it would take more than her own strengths to find them!

And The Pack was formed!

In addition to The Pack by LM Preston being an excellent action-filled adventure, there is a very comforting underlying story about friendship, parental guidance—and love. You can’t beat those additional qualities for a YA book! Preston writes/creates “stories of young people who overcome unbelievable odds.” In my opinion, they are some of the best around to help our children understand and live in today’s world!

G. A. Bixler

The publisher is excited about the contest for The Pack. Here is the contest being offered.

· Free signed book, poster  and magnet

· All of the winners from the Virtual Blog tour will automatically get a free copy of the next book released by Phenomenal One Press, BANDITS that comes out Spring of next year.

All you need to do to enter is to follow the lmpreston blog listed below and a fan at Facebook!

LM. Preston
YA Science Fiction AUTHOR

Upcoming Releases
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