Friday, November 27, 2009

Review: Great International Finance Drama Out - Bravo!

Coming for Money

By F. W. vom Scheidt

Blue Butterfly Book Publishing Inc.

ISBN: 9780978498283
264 Pages

"Some days it felt like the money left blood on my hands. Not the weary allusion to the stains of Iscariot..." (p. 1)

As I started to read Coming for Money by F. W. Vom Scheidt, I found myself stopping, going back, and rereading paragraphs just to enjoy reading it again. The beautiful, relaxed words, phrasing, had not been what I'd expected. Instead of the fast-paced action adventure I had anticipated, I was forced to sit back, and enjoy the contemplative literary fiction of a master writer! What a delight!

International Investment broker Paris Smith was at the top of his game, making more money for his company than any other broker. Then his wife became ill and love for her won out as Paris took off work to care for her. And even when he came back quickly, too quickly, he had not had time to grieve his loss.

But, apparently loving and caring for his wife was a no-no in the mind of Smith's boss! Because he began to make things harder for him and, when it most counted--when Paris had created a major $100 million bond deal--his boss did not support him at all!

Greed and jealousy--the major problems in high finance. One major player did not appreciate a small company taking on this major deal, so they worked behind the scenes to manipulate and blackmail an important participant into firing the involved employee and withdrawing from the deal.

But for the first time in a long time, Paris began to regain his savvy awareness of those who were corrupt and acting purely for selfish reasons. He started his own investigation, his own interaction with the men who were honorable, or at least much better than those who were purely "out for the gold." And if, on the way, he might have to cut deals, he knew, at least within himself, he would find his way back!

And during all this, he found his humanity, his need for love returning--and he worked hard to find his way back there too!

F. W. vom Scheidt clearly has the expertise to write fiction centering around the sometimes totally unknown world of high finance. He writes indepth, specific accounts, but is able to do so in a practical, credible manner that allows each of us to both learn and experience the impact one or a few people can make when the stakes are extremely high!

Based upon my administrative background, I was able to empathize to some extent with the main character and thoroughly enjoyed every action, every event that was faced by Paris Smith. I applaud the author for taking an inside look into those within the financial arena who must fight through the greed and dishonesty that is often found. It is gratifying to read that, sometimes, the "little guy," although he occupies a high-level position, is working hard and steadily to stay true to basic values we all look for.

Bravo to F. W. vom Scheidt! Coming for Money is the perfect complement to all of the newspaper accounts of national and international finance--surely a must-read for many!

G. A. Bixler

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