Friday, November 13, 2009

Review: Redefining Beautiful by Guest Blogger Janet Morris Grimes

Redefining Beautiful
Janet Morris Grimes
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Designed as an easy read for teen-aged girls, Redefining Beautiful takes an uplifting view of the issues most important at that age: boys, beauty, fashion, popularity, and the struggle for self-esteem that attempts to undermine any success with any of the above.

Interspersed with snippets of Bible stories as well as inspirational insights from Max Lucado, this book brings a three-pronged approach to life as a Christian teen girl searching for acceptance in a world that tells her she will never belong.

Recognizing that the self image of any girl is largely based on her relationship (or lack thereof) with her own father, the book points the reader toward the acceptance and unconditional love of a heavenly father. With this as a background, the author stresses the changes a true relationship with God makes in both the inward and outward appearance.

My favorite tips include the creative use of Vaseline as a beauty accessory and allowing Facebook to identify the depth of the reader’s own bond with God.

The closing chapter invites the reader to dig deep into their own past to put in writing what she may want for her future, promising that the end of the story is always best written by God himself.

Girls of any age need this reminder from time to time. Therefore, this book comes highly recommended.

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