Friday, November 20, 2009

Pat Bertram Shares on Major Book Blog Tour

Pat, I'm so pleased to have you visit Book Reader's Heaven on your Book Blog Tour! I and many others admire your patience, endurance, strength and sense of humor as you market your three books!

Quoted from her book blog:

Today is the first day of the Daughter Am I blog tour, and frankly, I’m a bit nervous. Although I always intended to post to my own blog every day, I’ve only managed to average three or four times a week, yet here I have committed myself to thirty-five days of guest blogging, together with at least a brief post here to keep everyone up-to-date on my touring activities. That is a total of 70 bloggeries in 35 days! Do you think I can do it? Of course I can — I will have to.

Your latest book is Daughter Am I!

When twenty-five-year-old Mary Stuart learns she inherited a farm from her recently murdered grandparents -- grandparents her father claimed had died before she was born -- she becomes obsessed with finding out who they were and why someone wanted them dead. Along the way she accumulates a crew of feisty octogenarians -- former gangsters and friends of her grandfather. She meets and falls in love Tim Olson, whose grandfather shared a deadly secret with her great-grandfather. Now Mary and Tim need to stay one step ahead of the killer who is desperate to dig up that secret.

Check out Pat's Guest Blog Entry!


  1. Pat, every time I see your sweet face in this picture, I wonder where your humorous side is hiding!

    Your latest book must have been fun to write; are you as humorous when talking daily as you were in your book characters?

  2. Humorous? Very few people think I'm humorous, but then my sense of humor tends more toward irony than slapstick. Daughter Am I was fun to write. The humor that showed up in Daughter Am I was easy because of the characters. The are so different and have such a different outlook on life that the clash created much of the humor

  3. Maybe it's because I understand your humor? To me, anybody that will use Floozie to help market books uses my kind of humor...It's fun while sharing reality...

    Thanks so much for coming here on your Tour! See ya...around...