Sunday, October 16, 2016

Guest Poet... Regis Auffray Shares His Beautiful Poem, The Fiddler - Enjoy with Music if you Wish!

 The Fiddler

The wind is cold

Often the rain falls hard

The snow really does not help

It is cold and it stings his face

But it is beautiful

And the fiddler plays

To as many snowflakes

Who send him their tune
In their infinite uniqueness

He is indifferent to those
Who walk past ignoring him
And his sharing of his self
Through his music
He is grateful when someone going by
Pauses to listen to the music
That flows from the depths of his spirit
He is so pleased and thankful
When another drops a coin or two
In his battered violin case
He is ecstatic when a kindred spirit
Stops and listens
To what pours out from his soul
Through his violin
In heaven he finds himself
When the gathered few applaud
His love of music and so much more
That he feels compelled to share
Through his fiddling tunes
As though he has a choice
Since he has nothing else

© RĂ©gis Auffray (2016)

And there's one more Fiddler, Charlie Daniel, I had to add!

When I used to do Poetry Month, Regis contributed, but I saw this poem and asked him if he'd come to visit Book Readers Heaven more often! He Agreed!
Way Cool, Regis, Thank you Soooooo Much!
See ya back soon!

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