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My Fair Assassin by C. J. Anaya Shares Her Romantic Fantasy...A Personal Favorite for Me...

'Tis a story bright and true of a young teenager who'd had so  hard a life that when an assassin came to her door to murder her, she calmly let him in and discussed the reason...

Having someone tell you they’ve come to end your pathetic existence is probably an uncommon occurrence. I can’t imagine that anyone intent on murder would have the decency to pause long enough to look their victim in the eye, state their mission and purpose, and with very little feeling explain that the end result of their victim’s death will benefit an entire race. Then again, what do I know? There’s always the slim chance that plenty of killers are far more civil seconds before committing such a depraved act, but how would any of us ever be privy to those morbid details when the victims never live to share said details? I knew I’d never live long enough to share mine. 
The well-muscled warrior (and wearing  clothing for this job among humans) standing several feet in front of me had made that abundantly clear. I studied him intently, deciding it would be best to memorize every inch of him in case I managed to escape and succeeded in describing my would-be assassin to the local authorities. Right! My need to drink in his image had absolutely nothing to do with his six-foot frame, broad shoulders, sharp, chiseled features, and flawless, crystal-blue orbs framed by a sturdy brow. Insert wistful sigh here. And wasn’t that the antithesis of what I should have been feeling? Weren’t murderers supposed to be ugly, unkempt psychos? This guy was a carbon copy of most of the Abercrombie models I lived to drool over. He had an otherworldly look and feel to him, and his clothing appeared to be made out of some kind of forest-green leather. His hands were gloved up to his knuckles, and his skin let off a golden, florescent glow. I might have attributed his all-too-perfect tan to the San Diego weather, but I doubted other men in the vicinity were capable of making their skin glow a light golden hue whenever the sun’s rays kissed them. I didn’t think someone as imposing as this guy would have spent time throwing gold body glitter all over himself, but I couldn’t figure out what else he’d done to get his skin to glimmer like that. He looked like a warm summer evening and smelled like the earth after a spring rain. His hair was shoulder-length, shiny, and lightning white. Not the kind of graying white you might find on your local senior citizen, but the kind that looks like heaven. His movements as he studied me and my dingy apartment were stiff and watchful. His expression was that of guarded curiosity, and when my cat, Nala, made a small whining noise from my bedroom down the hall, his stance came to attention and his arm muscles went taut as he withdrew a small dagger from a sheath at his waist. 
Honestly, where had this guy come from, and why weren’t we dating? 
Oh, yeah. He was here to kill me.

"Tis a story of two fated lovers who were separated at birth to keep them apart--or rather, one seventeen year old human and a 200 year old Fae... Would fate interfere?

My Fair Assassin
A Paranormal Misfits Romance Book

By C. J. Anaya

Of course, the meeting between the two main characters is quite unique. What would you think about somebody coming to your door, entering, and declaring he was going to kill you? If you're this reader, you are instantly sitting up, alert... and expectant! And I definitely was right--I loved this story even if it is a YA novel! What we have is a contemporary YA romantic drama that pits a 17-year-old female again a 200-year-old assassin.

The assassin quickly declares his intention and adds that he is here because she is human and all humans are enemies. Quickly I must explain that said human had been placed in various homes when her parents were both killed. None of them were a good experience and she'd been on the street for much of her life. She's smart, sassy, and is up-to-date on all the street talk and slang... Quite a change of pace for the fair assassin. And it was delightful reading as she was constantly stopped and ask to explain what she meant... I loved the unique blend of past and present where, no matter what, lovers will find each other...

You see, both of them were immediately attracted to each other. But the assassin didn't know what to do with his thoughts and feelings. What he did not feel was a desire to continue with his assignment!

If you notice that I haven't provided the names of these two main characters, it is simply because they didn't give them. The assassin finally succumbed and said she could call him Master. Well, this young teen was not into that...until he finally said would Your Majesty was an option...Yikes!

Actually, Crysta had known she was different since she was young. But her desire to hit in was most important...one of the things she did was get rid of her long pointed ears. Still her hair was white, so she constantly colored it. And, of course, used make up to change her basic skin tones. One thing she could not change was that she was very beautiful...

And that's why her assassin stared, causing the confusion and decision not to murder her. After all, some mistake had to have been made...so he would stay with her until he could find out who had "put a hit" on her... Yes, he planned to move into her apartment... But once they got through that battle with Crystal acquiescing, he took her hand to guide her...and refused to let go...LOL This book is soooo much fun!

There was no doubt they were falling for each other! But when another assassin popped in to find out what had happened, he saw immediately that they surely were fated! And they would know for sure if... or... when... they kissed... Of course, I had to imagine what they might look like then! For those of you into the fairy scene, Crystal was a winter fairy, while the assassin was a summer...

In the meantime, Crysta still considered herself a human and was willing to interact and get to know him while he investigated but she made it clear she had a plan for her life and one of them was to become a prima ballerina... So here's only a hint of what happened... Who knew Fae could ballet?!

Even though it is a dance that both Albreicht and Giselle dance together, Giselle begins it alone in the center of the stage. 
The soft strains of a solo viola began, and I immediately responded to the music, the mood, the intent with which the steps required. I lifted my leg in dĂ©veloppĂ© and turned to arabesque, which was made difficult due to the required slowness of the movements, and then I fully immersed myself within the dance. I am intervening on Albreicht’s behalf, and my love for him, my desperation that he be saved must translate into every muscle, every movement, every facial feature as I slowly dance across the floor. As Giselle, I am stuck in my position, in limbo between an unmarked grave because of my suicide, but I don’t belong with the wilis since I have refused to hurt Albreicht. I belong nowhere, and find my limbs and movements restricted to one spot. Then Albreicht joins me. He supports me through sorrowful lifts and turns, filled with remorse at the fate of the peasant girl he cast aside. The adagio is solemn and mournful, passionate and pleading. In the end, I grant him forgiveness and my love saves him from the wilis.

This is such a lovely story. This is my first time reading the author, but by the way she began her story, I was immediately pulled me into the lives of her main characters, I was hooked from the first to last page. It certainly had to be added as a personal favorite for me! Anaya says her fantasy books are added with a contemporary edge. And she pulls it off very well! Fantasy lovers of Fairy/Fae characters might think of it as a must-read. But it is definitely highly recommended.


I began writing short stories for family and friends when I was thirteen years old. My vivid imagination and love of mysteries and romances eventually led me to following my own dreams of becoming a published author. I also do some book review work on the side for SDE Magazine. 
I'm a huge fan of The Mindy Project, Hugh Jackman, and binge eating any and all things chocolate. Who isn't, am I right?

As a mother of four awesome kids I'm usually playing beauty salon with my daughters (my four-year-old shaved my arm one time while I was helping another daughter with her homework. Yep. That happened) getting my fanny kicked in Mario Kart by my snarky little son, and making out with my deliciously handsome looking Latin lover, aka, my hubby. 

25 Random Facts About Me
1.  I am deathly afraid of spiders, but I love reptiles. I once had two pet lizards I took to school with me in the fourth grade. They slept on the inside of my shirt nestled against my skin. You may be grossed out at this point, but I thought it was cute.s.

2.  My first name is Cynthia. My father calls me C.J., my friends call me Cindy, a few others have called me Cindal, Uncle John calls me Locksie, and I also answer to Hey You. 

Just had to include a couple of songs by the Author!

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