Thursday, June 1, 2006

Interesting Article

Wow...when will POD publishers learn that they can't just publish anything?

Now I realize that authors have a responsibility to proofread/edit and ensure their book is ready for final printing...but since this problem is so prevalent, I have to believe that the primary fault lies with the company!

Frankly, I'm disappointed that a group associated with Amazon.Com has been cited for this quality of work.  I've always been satisfied with the operations within the bookstore, so it bothers me that BookSurge was an acceptable merge with them...

While I don't agree with large sums of money being awarded in this type of law suit, I do think that authors are going to have to stand up for basic competency!

Avoid BookSurge unless you've done major research on them!

By the way, I also learned today that AOL is contemplating some type of tax on email.  Be on the alert for this as well.  I've heard problems about mail not being able to get through AOL filters in the past but have been satified with my own service...but nobody likes to be played for a fool.  Spam is Spam whether somebody can pay to get around it or not!  My response:  Boo Hoo Hiss!  Say it isn't so AOL!!!

Hey!  Please go out and take a look at my review on VIETNAM:  NO REGRETS!  This was the best non-fiction story I've read on this war and if you have somebody over on to Amazon and buy's well worth the price! 

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