Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Put a Tune in your Head and Sing this Song!

Next to reading...or maybe even as much as reading...I love to sing!  Here's the words that were recently given to us by Bill Shultz, a friend at our Church...which we'll be singing sometime soon...Just thought all of you might also want to sing it!  This is sung to the tune of the song entitled "Eiedelweiss" from The Sound of Music...
May the Lord, Mighty Lord
Bless and Keep you Forever
Grant you peace, perfect peace
Courage forever endeavor
Lift your Eyes And see His Face
And His grace forever
May the Lord, Mighty Lord,
Bless and Keep you Forever.

Well the words for both the original as well as this song are both so beautiful.  I hope you remember The Sound of Music so well that the tune automatically comes to memory!  Have a good day of singing...either set of words!

I'm in the midst of reviewing a beautiful CD capturing poetry, pictures and notes from the author, Adolfo Caso...I have so far been through the CD four times...much more than I need in order to do the review...but it is compelling...and it must be savored over and over!  But the review will come shortly...Look for it soon!

I've also just started on a new novel, Wildflowers, by Robert Noonan...more later on my reading...

Also received three books and two cd's on real estate issues by Matthew S. Chan...I should know a lot about real estate by the time I've read all of them!

Finished all three Truth novels by Mariah Stewart, Sandra Brown's latest, Chill Factor, and The Edge of Eternity by Amanda Stevens...more on those in between my work load!

God Bless!  And I Hope Your Christmas brought Jesus just a little closer to you this year!

P. S. I also got my "signed" copy as a pre-reviewer of Medical Misfit by Jalene Corbin.  Don't forget you can get your copy at http://www.rainbows-end-publish.com/, Amazon, or Booklocker.Com!  Medical Misfit: Doctor, Why Can't You Diagnose Me?

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  1. I found the above words of music to be a beautiful prayer and the perfect way to start my morning.  Though familiar from Scripture, they placed a tune in my heart.  It would be wonderful if we could hear you sing the words at your church.