Sunday, February 12, 2006

A Busy Season!

Moon and Back Graphics Take a look at several similar pictures of where I live!

Well, I knew it had been too long since I had written in my journal; however, when I got a note from my sister asking what had happened, then I knew I had to get busy!

It's cold and snowed in for me today! But it is always so beautiful, I never mind. Rebecca and David,, had major damage to their cabin when they came home from trip to VA Hospital...Bummer! Hope you two can get your neighbors in and help you ASAP...Many of you will recall that David is the author of a new
series and Rebecca has her own major web site... I know you are having a rough time now; but Thank God that you weren't there when those trees fell!

I've had lots of tree damage this year as well, fortunately not too near the cabin...did have my roadway blocked by a limb and it broke my flag pole from the corner of my cabin...but that was as close as it got!

So, why no entries to the journal? Yes! I've been so busy reading, that I didn't have time! Let me tell you about my latest:

First the bad get it out of the way! This book was so bad that the director of our site asked me to read it a second time to ensure we were being as objective as we could...Sorry, this book was just bad...and the truth had to be told!  Don't buy it!

Please take the time to read the entire review of the next book.  It too was a first book for the author; however, it was so completely different...telling an extremely sad tale in such a beautiful way... . I do encourage you on this the book; it is a wonderful historical saga!

More coming soon!



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