Friday, February 24, 2006

Thomas Kemp's Book is Out!

Yep, the second book by Thomas T. Kemp, popularly known as Your Poet Is is available at Amazon.  First, take a look at my review and then, hopefully, you'll want to go on out and buy it!
We continue to be very busy and our authors are now coming back for additional services... 
I've just finished reading The Gifts by Linda S. Prather and The Van Laven Oath by J. Nelson-Owens.  Both of these were wonderful and reviews will be posted shortly.
Hey, guess what, I even had a chance to review a'd be surprised what you can tell about this kind of resource guide! If you are interested in learning Italian, this book is for you!
Next on the list for my friend Adolph Caso is We The People: Formative Documents of America's Democracy. I think I've learned more American History through my reviews than I ever did in school!
J. D. Robb, put out a short story, Midnight in Death, during the Christmas holidays.  In the midst of holiday preparation, Eve Dallas has to find a serial killer who has escaped prison and is out to eliminate all of those who put him behind bars!  If you haven't started reading the Death series, you are missing a lot of good reading!
Meryl Sawyer in Half Past Dead provides a taunt, exciting suspense.  Kaitlin Wells is falsely accused of robbery and then is let out on a work furlough when the feds find out that she really wasn't guilty...on the condition that she helps capture the real culprit(s). Bummer!  But she agrees to release and to assist in the apprehension...and just happens to get involved with the local handsome, daring lawman, along the way!  Hey, nothing like a little romance to help expedite and move things forward...
Both of these are great reads!  So, enjoy!

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