Sunday, February 12, 2006

More... I reviewed a CD of poetry and photography...and Adolfo liked it so much that he promptly sent me another book to review!  Would you believe a dictionary?!  Look for that one coming soon!

In the meantime, I reviewed a self-help by Jana Adams, The Colors Within: One Rainbow Reclaimed.  This book is geared toward those that have faced abuse as a child.  Please recommend it to anyone who has this need. It can be helpful to both children and adults.

Another self-help is a Must for everyone!  It is a sometimes delightful, sometimes traumatic tale of childhood abuse which was overcome partially through lessons learned from a special television program.  Although it was fictionalized for the book More Than Angels, I was thrilled to realize I knew the program and since then Ruby Moon-Houldson has provided me with pictures of her with her real-life heroes!  My best friend will know who it is because she bought me the entire series for Christmas several years ago...and I still enjoy watching the reruns and later versions! This book will be available soon.  Check back often! Ruby has promised that I'll get to review the sequel...I love it! 

Could that possibly be all of my "work,"  No, I edited a book that was being ghostwritten...  That was a major job that was shared by members of and was a major task for all of us as we contributed our own special talents.

I just finished reading The TurnKey Investor'sEssential Lease-Option Lessons by Matthew Chan.  If you have an interest in property management, check back soon for my review.

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