Sunday, February 12, 2006


Ok...I've lost entries twice so far...electricity must not like the snow stuck on the wires, so decided to try this in multiple entries!

Historical fiction was also my next request for review by another new author--Robert Noonan.  I started out reading his first novel, Wildflowers, but before I knew it, I had his next two books in his trilogy and was writing about all three books...each book about 300 pages!  Now, these books have not yet been published so Bob and I have become e-mail friends as we explore options for his moving on to the next step to get these books published!  I had never heard of the orphan trains and was interested in learning about this piece of our early history that was not always successful and oftentimes totally ignored by history books!  Keep watching for more news on Wildflowers. Bridie's Daughter, and Secrets!, a new novel, over 500 pages, came from a screenwriter trying his hand at a full-blown novel...all I can say is Wow...this is a doozy!  I still have a short list to go to him and then he'll start to submit this keep watching for updates on this one!

By the way, I finished the editing for Your Poet Is and Thomas Kemp's second book is being printed as I write!  So I did a review of his book as well...might as well help market it a little since I've worked on it...right?

And speaking of poetry...I also had a beautiful CD to review!  Wow, this one was fun!

Ok...I'm still not done!  More coming!



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