Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Reading Through the Holiday

Well, Thanksgiving, a busy and favorite holiday for many, is over for another year and I'm thankful to my friends who wrote special greetings. Thomas Kemp, my favorite poet sent the following:

Even around my neck
And I do not have a double chin,
the snow finds away to get in,
this morning it is blowing west to east,
like writing on a chalk board,
and it melts as in crashes onto my skin.
My jacket collar is as tight as I can pull it,
Only, my Mom could pull it tighter,
as we both waited for the string to

At least she knew what she was doing.
The snow is so heavy and wet,
My question is,
who taught it how to fall and fly so straight?
Thomas Kemp/poet

Memories are always part of this particular holiday, aren't they? And it is good to share them--thank you Thomas for sharing your latest work. And it will be included in his upcoming book of poetry...

Fortunately, when people are busy and you need an escape, there is always this book or that to pick up and read.

I finished Dark Truth by Mariah Stewart. And I have her two truth series books on their way from  In Dark Truth, the main character, Nina Madden is faced with having seen her father charged with the serial killings of students on the campus.  When, after sixteen years, and another killing spree starts, she comes to believe her father was innocent.  Her investigations lead to surprise after surprise as this "whodunit?" twists and turns...and you won't believe who did what to whom!  This was a great read!  Try it, you'll like it!

Mad Jack by Catherine Coulter also got placed back on my bookshelf with her other works!.  This was a fun read because it was so different than anything else I had read by Coulter.  It's set in 1811 London and Mad Jack turns out to be a young woman who has run away from her stepfather who plans to have her marry a sinister old man.  She is aided by becoming the "male" valet to two lovely aunts of, of course, an attractive single Lord of the manor.  Now, you may think, oh,this is just another love story...Not true!  For instance, Lord Durban meets Mad Jack after "he" has stolen Durban's horse and when he catches "him," he attacks "him" as the horse thief Mad Jack is...well, you get the picture...soon he finds out that he has been beating up on a young lady--quite a pretty young lady indeed.  Only to have her kidnapped...  Ah, quite a romp around merry ole England...what?

Changing gears entirely, Void Moon, by Michael Connelly, one of my favorite authors, also immediately got me involved.  This time with a beautiful woman in a Porsche--an ex-con no less!  Robert B. Parker said, "In Void Moon, as in all of Michael Connelly's books, you care about the people, you care what happens to them, and you can't stop reading until you find out.  Connelly is so good he's beginning to annoy me." Now, don't you dare ask me who Robert B. Parker is?  Surely he's one of your must-read authors?  In any event, Parker is right--these people who are right in the midst of acts of crime draw you in so quickly that you are hoping the bad guys don't get caught, because you think they are the "really" bad guys, but fortunately are not!  Sound a little confusing?  Well, Connelly is known for that...there is just no way that you can sit down with Michael and not become totally controlled by his books until you are finished...So, what about the beautiful woman in the Porsche...well, I'll tell you...she did steal the money...Get the'll be glad you did!

Most of my work week was filled with Decoding Potential.  I've finished the review and it will be posted shortly...


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