Wednesday, November 9, 2005

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I was so pleased to receive comments on the poem by Thomas! I'll be sure to let him know to come read the notes.  For those who commented, check back here often to look for news on his book!  And, he's still writing, so I'll continue to give you teasers every so often!

I am in the midst of reading Beyond The Horizon.  I'm constantly amazed when I am asked to review books by new authors...books that might never have been read or even available if the new POD publishers did not exist.  Oh yes, there is some controversy about the quality of material; however, believe me, the percentage of what I receive of high quality versus low is incredible.  Technology has given a wonderful opportunity to the world, in my opinion...Plan to make use of it...reading or writing!

I finished Catherine Coulter's new book, Point Blank, quickly!  Couldn't help myself...and took the time to learn what happened at the end.  Her two characters, Savich and Sherlock, special agents for the FBI are delightful!  They got into a fight in the book because Savich was thinking as her husband (which he is) rather than as her boss (which he also is).  He wanted to protect her and Sherlock, naturally, wanted nothing to do with it.  It was an interesting scene and thoroughly enjoyable.

Well, the woman who went into the cave and got lost was later found in a small town, fortunately near the home of the Sheriff.  She had lost her memory from the trauma experienced.  Helping her to recover brought the woman who they agreed to call "Madonna" into the Sheriff's home, with his two sons.  His wife had disappeared several years ago and was still an open case.

Soon they discover that "Madonna" is actually a special agent as well.  Savich and Sherlock join them to determine exactly what happened to her.  As they search the cave where she had been lost, they discover a body of a young woman.  She is a student at a local college. Murders of individuals related to her death follow.

In the meantime, Savich and Sherlock have an unlikely pair, an elderly man and a young teenage girl, following them, planning and executing attempts for their demise!

Once again enjoying the multiple plots that keep the action hot and heavy, I was not surprised to watch romance develop for the sheriff.  I was hoping, though, that they somehow tied up the disappearance of his wife, which may have been left open for a followup book...I hope!  Other than that little unsolved mystery, Catherine Coulter continues to be one of my favorite'd enjoy reading this if you are a suspense/action fan!

Started a chilling book by Michael Palmer, The Patient, last night.  Written in 2000, my niece loaned me a it was my bedtime story!  I got at least a third of the way into it and wow! Well...will tell you more later!

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