Thursday, November 3, 2005

Point Blank A Winner

I love when a book grabs me right from the beginning...I'm only into the second chapter of Catherine Coulter's new book, Point Blank, and hooked already.  The first chapter has you going treasure hunting in a cave with a woman--alone!  And she finds herself in a large cavern so huge she cannot touch any walls! 

Catherine Coulter became a favorite author when I first read The Maze and she has become a must-read author.

I've always enjoyed stories that include spelunking.  I was pleasantly surprised when I recently received a copy of my family's history and learned that the property where Laurel Caverns is located once belonged to my ancestors!  Wow...I would love to have had access to those as a family member...just imagine being able to explore to your heart's content...

While I say that, and have thoroughly enjoyed visiting there...I'm not sure I would be so brave as to go into unknown parts such as some do.  Still the beauty of this underground world has always drawn I'm looking forward to seeing what happens in this Virginia Cave!

I also started The Arraignment last night--I normally have a hard back and paper cover book going at the same time.  This book didn't grab me--but we'll see how it goes...legalese...sometimes it's hard to get the legal activities started?  LOL between getting some work done around the Cabin...that's what I'll be reading for the next few days!  Later!

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