Wednesday, November 2, 2005


Well, I've not ever been much for writing a diary; however, I have always wanted to figure out how to keep some type of track for my books, how I felt about them... and to encourage reading as a "joy" in itself.

I'm writing from my home, a log cabin (a real one built by the hands of family and from the fruit of the land surrounding the cabin...13 acres of beautiful forest, tall, majestic, and always speaking of God's wonderful greatness!

Today I think I will finish Nora Roberts' Blue Smoke.  As usual, it is excellent!  My niece, Tracey, and I have collected all of her books and keep each other up to date on what's new.  I was a fan of J.D.Robb, while Tracey first got hooked on Nora, so we've together completed a complete library to keep up to date.  I love having Tracey share my interest in books; she's the only one in my family who does--of course I always claimed that she's was part mine even though my sister gave birth!

Blue Smoke encompasses the life of fire fighters and investigators and the main character has become a arson investigator on the police force, primarily due to the loss of the family business when she was just eleven.  It's not a whodunit since the reader knows pretty quickly who is "the creator of the fires" affecting her life.  Still it's suspenseful and has a more than adequate cute and funny love story that keepts me smiling!

Think I'll go back and finish it!  I'll get a cup of Tea and enjoy!


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