Monday, November 14, 2005

Douglas Boren's Book Review Soon

Am back reading Honor Defended by D. H. BROWN today. Think about it...what would you do if terrorists showed up in your area and kidnapped a friend? Action is just starting! Anxious to get back to it!

I finished The Patient by Michael Palmer. It certainly is a page-turner! Again, what would you do if you were a serial killer and developed a tumor in your brain? The Patient is obviously extremely wealthy and he begins searching for the best neurosurgeon to perform the operation. If you fail to meet his
requirements, you are eliminated! Thus we come to the main character, Dr. Jessie Copeland, who has been researching and working on the creation of a minuature robot that enters through the patient's nose and is guided by the neurosurgeon in the extraction of the tumor.

Ok, Dr. Copeland may be the neurosurgeon that could perform the surgery, but how can that occur without the possibility of being captured?

I think this book, published in 2000, is the best I've read by Dr. Palmer, although The Sisterhood was almost as chilling! If you enjoy medical thrillers, look for Michael Palmer's books.

I also finished Beyond the Horizons and wrote the Book Review. It should be posted this week at This historical action book by Douglas Boren is an excellent first novel. More later!

About half-way through Mariah Stewart's Dark Truth. She's become a must-read author for me. This book is the third in her Truth series...If you haven't read them, check out date of publication so you'll be sure to start right from the beginning! Great reading!

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