Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Just finished another from Nora!

Everybody has some sense of fascination with fire, its beauty, its heat...yet reading about what terror and horror it can bring makes you so much more aware of the care needed in using the beautiful gift of fire.

Of course, the story ended happily. I think it reminded me most of my best friend, Bettie's daughter, who married into an Italian family and now has a larger group supporting them as they move through their married life. Those who enjoy reading about a close-knit family would enjoy Blue Smoke!

So, before I move on to my next book, thought I would mention that I've also finished Flashback.this week. It was my first book for Cait London. Pretty Good! Although not too graphic, this book does include child sexual abuse, so care should be taken...but it was a good mystery, as the main character, Rachel, sought to uncover why her adopted sister committed suicide. Of course, there was a fun love story to keep the story lighter than it really was...still...would recommend for adults!

Then The Color of Death by Elizabeth Lowell was consumed! She's become one of our favorite authors (Tracey and mine). Our first encounter with Elizabeth was with a series involving jewels--Pearl Cove, Amber Beach, Jade Island, and Midnight in Ruby Bayou. All Great! If you see her name on a book shelf...don't hesitate to grab it!

I got a nice surprise in the mail yesterday when I got an author-signed copy of Cave Canem:Beware of Dog.

Now, I'm not so sure I would have named this very interesting book as the author did--because it really does not give a hint as to what this book covers! Still, there are also people like me who read a book and will talk about you like historical fiction...that takes you realistically into the past, and are especially interested in the area around Rome...then get this book!
The major character is a wanderer whose travels takesyou deeply into the times and people in the year 19 B.C.

Check out Independent Professional Book Reviewers! for two full reviews. This is a major effort by a first-time 50+ is worth space on your historical fiction shelf!

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