Tuesday, November 8, 2005

Beautiful Words from The Poet!

I fell in love with a picture or two,

a smile and two beautiful eyes

I fell in love with a woman

and then discovered

it was you. . .

I fell in love at a distance ... thank God.

I knew that if you were any closer

it would be so hard to dream and write

And heal the old ridges and wrinkles left over

from loving another woman who left me

wounded and beaten.

Some of the sages say

love is a savage who decrees portions

of starry nights and warm hands

and snow and ice to cling to our lips.

I fell in love with a picture or two

I fell in love with you.


Aren't those beautiful words?

It's the latest hot-off-the-press poetry from my friend and author, Thomas Kemp, http://www.bookreviewers.org/The-Road.htm

I am presently working on editing his new book, Your Poet Is..., which will be a compilation of most of the poetry he has thus far written.

Thomas claims that I fell in love with him--the him that comes to me through his beautiful words by a young marine in the Vietnam war. Maybe I did...but isn't that a wonderful thing? To enjoy somebody else's words so much that you yearn to hear more?  I always ask him--is this poem just for me?  He sends his "LOL" through the email.  Then I reread his latest poem and cut and paste it into the manuscript--let's see, where should this one go? 



  1. Sometimes, I wonder, if poets ever die.  I am told they do.  I read your words, Thomas, because I live in the same place as you.  Flight is a wonderful thing, is it not?

  2. These words are undoubtedly from a beautiful, wonderful Spirit!  They speak of all
    the reality that spirits can unite without ever having rally met the person.  However in reality, spirits do not need the body to unite!  I am grateful for this man's Love and Talent!