Saturday, November 19, 2005

Doug Skeen's Book Review Available

I finished reading the first draft manuscript for Honor Defended! In my opinion it is better than the first, so I encouraged him to do a final edit and submit it. I'm hoping and praying a publisher will see what I'm seeing and "grab" the Warrior Citizen series. Check out my review of the first book and cross your fingers for this new author!

My apologies went out to Doug Skeen yesterday! I had posted my review every place...except we didn't get it on our own site! Bummer! Take a look at another first-time author's effort--it is great reading!

It's interesting to note my last paragraph. When I heard from David Skeen after I had provided my review, he admitted that the book was longer, but an editor had
suggested he cut it. Awwww shucks, guys, if you had it in your head once, go ahead and include it in your first draft. If someone says cut it...check their credentials, first...and second, get another opinion! The only one that should be working on cutting your book is the publisher! Trust yourself first...take suggestions...listen carefully to criticisms...but in the end, it's your happy with it when it hits the bookshelves!

I also finished my review of Beyond the Horizons by Douglas Boren.
Take a look at the review of Doug's first book, which was somewhat different than the norm. If you are a reader of history and especially the early days in America...this is undoubtedly a Must-Read for you.

Doug submitted another book at the same time so Bettie Tucker, director of the site, provided its review. As you can see, Doug takes his own interests and weaves them into his stories...that's the best advice for anyone writing...following your heart! This book can be read by teens through any age! I'll be borrowing it soon and can't wait to read it myself!

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