Friday, November 4, 2005

Reading unpublished manuscript!

One of the things I thoroughly enjoy is being the first to read a newly completed book by an author with whom I've worked. So, in the midst of cleaning house this morning, I'm stopping to rest and read chapters from the second book in The Citizen Warrior Series, Honor Defended, by D. H. Brown.

After completing a review of the first book, Honor Due,, I was pleased to have him ask me to look over the very first draft of his second book--wow, it doesn't get any
more "hot-off-the-press" than that! Actually, this is an opportunity for me to check my editing skills as well since it gives me the opportunity to question or suggest my thoughts to the author. Not every author will allow you to do I was pleased and honored when my new "warrior brother" shared his unedited version!

As with the first book, the second is already proving to be an exciting fast-paced action thriller. I'm not quite sure how he does that...because his style of writing is
first person and his dialogue sounds like you're overhearing a conversation between some "good ole boys" who are just passing the time of day. Yet he's pulling you into his story and the action that is going hot and heavy! You just got to admire that kind of talent!

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