Monday, September 21, 2009

Review: Red Hot Lies Is Red Hot!

Red Hot Lies
By Laura Caldwell
MIRA Books
ISBN: 9780778326502
457 Pages

By the time I had read the first chapter of Red Hot Lies by Laura Caldwell, I had added the other two books of this trilogy to my online “shopping cart. ” The trilogy stars Izzie McNeil, a savvy entertainment lawyer, who works hard to get the bottom line deal for her clients. She represented Pickett Enterprises and had begun to do so, not because of her long experience, but because their representative had not been where he should have been when Forester Pickett needed him. Izzie had handled the situation, and thereafter Forester had selected her as his lawyer

Izzie was thrilled; she was immediately thrust into the limelight position at her firm, but worked tirelessly to prove that she deserved to have been given the account. Not everybody agreed with that assessment. But as long as she was able to keep Forester happy, then she was set.

But then Forester was killed.

And her fiancĂ©, Sam, who was also Forester’s investment counselor, had disappeared with millions in corporate shares for real estate in Panama from Forester’s safe!

Although Shane, Forester’s son, had always indicated he was not ready to assume control of the company, he quickly moved into his father’s office. And just as quickly had taken the company’s account away from Izzie.

Izzie had been having second thoughts about her marriage, but when she discovered that Sam’s former girlfriend had not only seen Sam since he had disappeared, but had helped him leave, Izzie felt like her whole world had collapsed.

Izzie needed help and turned to Mayburn a private investigator who quickly turned the tables and asked her to help him with an important case! This twist provided some fun happenings, as Izzie became wife and mother, babysitting a friend of a friend’s daughter, etc., somehow it seemed that Izzie was doing all the work in this arrangement!

For me, the characters and their interaction was the best part. They were fun to watch in their investigation, although I had nailed the guilty murderer almost immediately. That sometimes happens, but the story carries sufficient strength with the action and twists that I still found it worth a high recommendation.

G. A. Bixler

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