Sunday, September 20, 2009

Spotlighted Author Shares His Poetry!

Summer Nights Again

Summer nights,
the campfire just for light.
The time a heart is best rested.
For there is no fear from winter storms,
where worry is overhead
and we try so hard
just to stay warm.
The light of the fire
makes your skin look so clean.
From the top of the pool not a ripple is seen,
as your hand slips like butter into my own.
From the top of your head I smell your hair.
Can't help but pull you near.
It's a summer night.

Summer Time

You gave me the summer time
When I was young, we called it endless
With warm evenings and soft kisses
White hands we held onto.
In its dark nights with shooting stars
We drank your wine and loved
the summer time.
Help me remove this speck?
Some heartbreak had to follow,
How was I ever to know old men show the way?
That we men must go away
Before we love the summer time too much
To make War on other men on distant shores,
Feel the sand in your eyes?


  1. Your blog on summer nights looks wonderful. it was nice going through it. You seems to have great poetic skills.

  2. Just to clarify...this is poetry by my spotlighted author, Thomas Kemp...and is available in his book Your Poet Is...
    On his behalf, I thank you and thoroughly agree!