Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Review: Must The Bad Guys Win...Sometime?

The Mpire:
In Search of the Lost
By T. L. James
Book4U Publishing, LLC
ISBN: 9780976216407
332 Pages

“. . .the bad guys must win some of the fights so the battle can go on. No one wants the battle to end, especially the good guys. After the battle, there is nothing else.” (p. 298)

I don’t think you will ever read another fascinating book like The Mpire by T. L. James . . . that is, unless she continues with a series! I, for one, would love to see that happen!

This extremely sexy, fantasy drama surrounds the family of Haulm; however, the main character is Mallory Towneson. Mallory is the youngest son of the Haulm family, but he was sent away from his family for fourteen years. During that time, he received an extensive education and started his own business, using the name of Towneson, his mother’s maiden name.

Now Mallory had come back home, somewhat under duress. Even when he moves and establishes a branch of his business, he did not contact his family until his uncle forced it upon him.

Mallory’s mother died as a result of his birth. During Mallory’s childhood, his father physically, mentally and emotionally abused him so badly that, to escape, Mallory forgot much of what he knew during those years, except one thing—he was still very afraid of his father!

With wealth to buy anything he wants, Mallory lives a life of luxury and changes cars as often as his socks. He’s a lover of all women—and women love him in return. Interestingly most of his interactions are one way, as he moves from event to event, providing pleasure to women in every walk of his life. In fact, most of his business includes “negotiations” that results in “satisfaction” to at least one of the parties!

But Mallory is required to take his place in his family’s multi-billion energy company. When reunited with his brothers, he is both hated and admired by his three older brothers, especially by the eldest, who believes he will one day become head of the company. Mallory is startled to also reconnect with his half-brother, Matthew, who has also joined the firm, though not as a major officer. Mallory and Matthew had met in college, not knowing that they were half-brothers, and had become intimately involved. Matthew had been Mallory’s one and only male lover and had been deeply hurt when Matthew had left him. Now Matthew was there, trying to rekindle the relationship.

None of his family believed that he couldn’t remember anything about his past until Marek, one of his brothers does finally realize that he had no idea, and explained to him, that it was now Mallory’s time to convert--to take his role as the fourth horseman of the Apocalypse, Death...

But both Mallory and Matthew had something to say about that! And so did Matthew’s Father!

“His greatest love is his enemy.” (p. 332)

Please readers, this is definitely “R” rated; however, because of the storyline and in light of today’s world, when everything is being sexualized, this is a timely novel, highly recommended!

G. A. Bixler

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