Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Review: Exciting Thriller Should Be Movie!

Kill Me Twice
By Jerry Bayne
ISBN: 1439245274
303 Pages

CONSIDER, if you would, an exciting thought! Bruce Willis meets Charles Bronson. For those of you who don't remember Bronson , I've added a footnote for reference.*

The storyline in Kill Me Twice by Jerry Bayne is totally different, but I have to admit that my mind brought back rough-looking Bronson--because I was cheering for him! And that is what I believe readers will share with me. We want both Bradley Cardiff (Bronson) and Mike Sams (Willis) to win! Now that I've set you up for the movie, let me tell you a little about the story!

Bradley Cardiff is the best of the best. He's worked for the government all of his life, making sure what needed to get done, gets done! But most of those days were now over, he was married with a young child and he was spending much more time with them and finally living in a loving family environment. And then one day his former partner Rountree (and best friend/almost brother) comes back. Brad gets a telephone call just as they were leaving to pick up some food for dinner so Brad stays to answer the phone while his family leaves.

White phosphorus was used to blow the jeep. It had been placed under the driver's seat and they could not identify the driver, but assumed it was Bradley Cardiff along with his family...

It had all been about a deal gone wrong! Certain government officials had arranged a deal between the Chicago Mafia and a potential new Columbian cartel. Nearly everybody on both sides had been slaughtered. Brad and his partner had been there just to observe, knowing nothing about the background or details. But they, especially Bradley, was chosen as the "fall guy."

Payback was now being made years later...

It didn't take Bradley long. He went back through the original players, learned what he needed for at least one of his targets and entered his home.

When Mike Sams learned that the victim had slept on his bed while his murderer had patiently waited, within his bed springs, until he was ready, he realized just what kind of man he was after!

The first man killed was the then Director of the CIA and now Senator! The second was just as easy. The third was almost impossible--because the Secret Service protected him at all times!

I have to say that Mike Sams is a great character, but Bradley was the best in my opinion! Even in his vengeance, he recognizes Sams as an honorable opponent and tries to get him to return home to his family! Believe me, the paths that Cardiff weaves for others to follow is one of the most fascinating and intriguing you will encounter! I loved this book!

And, yes, Bronson would have made a wonderful Bradley Cardiff! I wonder who they'll get...

Get this book! You'll be missing fantastic suspense and thrilling action if you don't!

*One of Bronson's most popular and memorable roles when he was over the age of 50, was Death Wish in 1974. He played a successful architect. When his wife is murdered and his daughter raped, Kersey becomes a crime-fighting vigilante by night. It was a highly controversial role, as his executions were cheered by crime-weary audiences.

G. A. Bixler

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