Saturday, September 12, 2009

Review: Courage of Fear - Unique First Novel!

Courage of Fear
By Barbara Boyer
Ocean Moon Publishing
ISBN: 9780615203638
186 Pages

Angela Hearly-Peterson has written an inspirational best-selling book, Wrestling With the Demons.

At least she did—within Courage of Fear by Barbara Boyer! I don’t think I’ve read another book quite like this—it’s truly unique. I love unique... This book is probably listed under the romance genre, but it is so much more!

At the beginning of each chapter, there are quotes from Angela, the main character. Normally quotes are seen as a reference or a beginning thought. However, in many ways these beginning statements are so powerful that you could, indeed, be reading a separate book, about wrestling with your demons.

Angela’s book was centered on whether an individual had the right to choose life or death.

In her “real” life, Angela is in a very committed love relationship with her husband Jackson. They are the ideal couple; they are true soul mates, no doubt about it.

But even soul mates are sometimes tempted by something outside of that relationship. In Jackson’s case, it was gambling. And, in the end, he chose to leave Angela because of that vice!

Suddenly Angela is wrestling with her own demon—does she want to live without Jackson? Some readers may immediately guess how the story goes as she moved back to her hometown and finds people who love her. But you’ll be wrong. The surprise ending, and hopefully nobody will share that in advance, is also unique. Did I tell you I love unique?

Memorable, inspirational, romantic, caring friends, empathic, sympathetic—and so much more comes to mind as you read and live with the characters in Courage of Fear by Barbara Boyer.

Boyer has a strong voice in her writing style, her own beliefs, and in allowing her characters to speak about deep, important, and the “not-to-be-discussed” life and death situations that many of us face. I confess I didn’t like the ending, but then again, our lives many times are not what we want.

Is this book a “Must-read” for you? Each of us must answer that ourselves. I, for one, must say that memory of this book and characters will stay with me much longer than many. I think that speaks well of Boyer’s work, don’t you think? Easily 5+!

G. A. Bixler

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