Sunday, September 27, 2009

More Poetry of Thomas Kemp, Spotlighted Author!

Face in the Mirror

Touching is what minds do best
thoughts become fingers
reaching back or forward for helping hands

Words run both ways too
but always to the center of a heart
to comfort the lonely space that wished for love

Touching is what minds do best
even echoing in the space between us
as dancing over distance brings us closer

To embrace the place
we stand on Sunday morning
looking at the face behind us in the mirror

Go On, Touch My Mind

I send you these words
As touches to your mind
If I were there by your side
Laying next to you
There would be no place
My lips would not touch
Nothing would escape my eyes
No place could your soul hide
But, alas, I must not come to you
Else I would never have courage to leave
For it is true, the tear that falls across two faces
Washes away the pain of the day
To announce freedom to
We who cry for each other.


Thomas Kemp

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