Thursday, September 24, 2009

Review: Rooms is One of Best Books I've Ever Read!

RoomsBy James Rubart
B&H Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780805449785
405 Pages (Galley)

Wow... Really...Wow!

James Rubart hooked me immediately in his fascinating, awesome novel, Rooms!

Micah Taylor is an energetic, innovative leader of a software company at which he has hired many creative staff. The company has not only been successful but has moved into the forefront, winning awards and receiving much publicity in trade and business magazines.

But then Micah received a letter from a long-dead uncle.

If Micah had either reached 35 or had become a very wealthy man, then he was receiving this letter because his uncle had built him a house on the west coast, near Cannon Beach, a summer place very important to the family in his early years. His father, with whom he had a somewhat estranged relationship, told him to stay away from the house.

But Micah just had to see if it was there—whether somebody had cared enough to build him a home. Of course he would sell it, especially when his business partner and romantic interest suggested it and later strongly suggested a ring better be in her future. When he got there, however, he felt like he had seen it before—it was as if his uncle and the builder had gotten into his brain and built what they knew he would build himself. He would picture it as home, thinking about getting a dog, a kite...and about building some sandcastles.

He slept through the first night in a chair and then toured the next morning. When he got hungry, he decided to leave, but noticed a room at the end of the hall, the door open and a light on. He didn’t remember there being a room there, but there it was. Actually there was two; one interior room, the door of which he had to push open, was dusty, with poor lighting, and much more. Something from his past that just couldn’t be there...

Heading back home, he noticed that his car registered having traveled over 16000 miles, obviously there was a problem. But then he met a friend with whom he had played tennis with the previous week, only to have him say that they hadn’t played for a month. His calendar confirmed that there had been no game, even though Micah remembered it. And one other strange thing, as he drove back and forth, he found himself praying, something he hadn’t done for many years.

And then there were more rooms—rooms that appeared where they had not earlier been. One was a room in which a painting, not yet finished, was displayed. Another contained guitars of all kinds; he had played when he was young, but had given it up. And then, in one of those rooms, in which there was no light, no furniture, he met...himself...

What if, early in your life, you had chosen a different path, a path that was not part of God’s plan for you?

What if He decided that you needed to stop going down the wrong path?

What if you are not a Christian? In my opinion, that doesn’t matter. If you have thought that your life was not what you thought it would be, if you wish you had chosen to make different decisions along the way, I encourage you to read this enter the terror, fear, anger, and...the happiness and love you may find in Rooms by James Rubart.

I’ve already pre-ordered three copies; there is no doubt in my mind, this may be the must-read that you’ve waited for!

G. A. Bixler


  1. I totally agree with this review. ROOMS is an amazingly big concept book that will have readers contemplating their own lives. I highly recommend this book

  2. A must read! Rubart strikes a chord in the heart of christians and challenges the perceptions we have about who God is in our lives. While keeping us on the edge of our seats with chapter after chapter of mystery and suspense, ROOMS brings a clear image of the consequences and natural outcomes of our decisions.Read it!

  3. Great review. You should post this on Amazon.

  4. Glenda,

    I think I love you!

    The greatest gift you can give an author is to take the time to read what they've written, so thank you for the time you gave to read ROOMS.

    I'm so glad you liked it. :)

    Great blessings on you,


  5. Do you believe in coincidences? Well, for most of those that happen to me, I call them God Incidents. I had one with this book! When I had just finished it, having felt the Holy Spirit over me for parts of it, I opened my email. There was one from a Christian publisher, asking if they could send (a list of books) to me for review and giveaways... When I selected one, I learned that the entire list was going to be sent along with the ability to give up to 5 books away for each...Is this a God Incident or What... and it started with reading Rooms!

    Thanks so much for commenting and especially you Jim...Wow...What's your next book going to be?!!!