Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Review: Imagine Your Life Without Fear!

Fearless: Imagine Your Life
Without Fear
By Max Lucado
Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 9780849921391
240 Pages

There are many feelings that we use to express our thoughts about our daily lives--anger, depressed, perplexed, frustrated. But once I read Fearless by Max Lucado, I realized that most of those feelings are really components of an all-encompassing fear that many times engulfs us. Lucado is not talking about the instinctual fear that arises when immediate danger is near; rather it is that fear that we choose, yes, choose to feel—as opposed to faith. Is it possible to be Fearless?

Through one reference after another, Lucado points out that God speaks directly to us: “Be Not Afraid.” Jesus faced fear for His life, dying on the cross. But He faced it knowingly and willingly, giving over His will even as He admitted to His fear. And, in the end, that is all that God expects from us! To face our fear, standing on His promises!

Do I matter? The Village of Stiltsville is an interesting parable to highlight our fear of not “being” somebody. In many ways, our culture has led to this fear, in my opinion. Many are separated from a family, living on their own, wondering if there is anybody who ever thinks about them. One of my favorite hymns, “His Eye is On The Sparrow,” always sustained me through this fear, which I think we all feel at some time or other.

Or do you fear not being able to be “good enough” to be a child of God, especially possible for older Christians who lived with condemnation of the Old Testament.

The desire for a good job, an excellent salary, a large home, and the resources to do anything we want often results in a fear of failure when a job is eliminated, or a disability prevents continuation of work. Worry is another form of fear!

Or is your greatest fear the safety of your children? Safety from terrorists? Of natural disasters, such as hurricanes, floods, etc.?

Are you afraid to die?

Max Lucado, in Fearless, meets each of us exactly where we are. Through Biblical references, personal stories, and specific references to the word of God and His promises, he allows each of us to pause, evaluate, and realize that we have a real fear of this or that.

But he doesn’t stop there! Nor does Jesus! Fearless reminds us that Jesus is right there with us in our fear! And he will show us how to walk fearlessly into the future. This book came to me just when I needed it. My guess is that you will perhaps see yourself in some of the examples I’ve mentioned in this short review, like Max Lucado admits he did. Like I did!

Fearless is a must-read for you and your family and loved ones. Don’t Delay!

G. A. Bixler

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