Sunday, September 13, 2009

Poetry From Thomas Kemp, Spotlighted Author

Candy in Her Bib Overalls

It was 1949 I was five years old.
In a converted aged chicken coupe
Daddy was working on a wagon for me.
With black wheels and painted spokes
I knew it would be fast running down hill.
Taking no backseat to anyone in the neighborhood
This red wagon would scream.

I never raced it after I met Candy.
She and her brother,
Mom and Dad moved in next door.
She was seven going on eleven and I fell in love.
The wagon and I were coming home one warm morning
From collecting returnable soda pop bottles.
When she came down the stoop steps
In her blue Bib Overalls.

It only took me six hundred jaunts
Back and forth
In front of her home
Before I talked her into a ride.
One that lasted all summer
And she taught me about flowers and magnolia trees
And pretty faces.
Did I tell you how beautiful you are?
How I have learned from you too.

Cement Tears

It was not much to look forward to
just a date to walk home at 5:00
and then the world shook
the next morning I was sure my phone recorder said
where are you my love?
Please come now and walk me out of here
take me home
and wash the cement dust from my eyes
but then again
you could have told me anything
but not
that she was gone.

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