Monday, September 7, 2009

Review: Next World Power Prophesized???

Have you ever had something happen in your life that so affected you that you later chose a strange path because of what had happened? Jacob Droutman, in Prophecy of Power by Andrew Parker, has done just that! Parker's first book will soon be followed by The Doomsday Preachers! Trackle "Andrew Parker" today, so you'll be sure not to miss the climax to this thriller, although Prophecy of Power easily stands alone as a suspenseful mystery!

Jacob Droutman is a rabbi who preaches at the synagogue in the Lower East Side of New York. When he was just ten, his older brother disappeared. Now, a young woman is using her knowledge of Jacob's life to help her--because her brother, along with two of his friends, had disappeared!

Did Ayn also know that he was having questions regarding his own religion? Jacob's father had been a rabbi and he had automatically followed his footsteps. But he often wondered about all the other religions of the world. Even when he was young, he and his brother had snuck out and joined the crowds heading for a midnight mass and watched with wonder as Baby Jesus entered the celebration.

Jacob had been devastated when his brother disappeared the very next year!

It was Ayn who ensured that he learned of the lecture that was being given by Dr. Stewart Renton, entitled "Revelation Explained." Given that Jews did not accept the New Testament, Jacob had never even read Revelations, the last book of the Bible. Renton's talk was to explain how Revelations affected modern-day life. This was an opportunity for Jacob to learn more about this particular religion! And obviously somebody wanted him to attend. As Dr. Renton spoke, Jacob squirmed a little as he referred to the Nazi-inspired Holocaust as an illustration of what had been foretold in Revelations. He admitted to being intrigued by all that had been explained.

But he became confused when, after the lecture, Ayn handed him a package to read. He learned that in March 2001, three Jewish students had announced they had found The Lost Tomb of Hebron, a tomb that would reveal secrets on future events. Having just learned much about the future from the lecture, Jacob eagerly read each page, only to discover that the discovery was later called a hoax and that the students had disappeared. John Duncan, the only American, had been declared "a danger to national and world security," according to this packet. John Duncan was Ayn's brother.

Jacob is caught up into the investigation and tries to learn more, only to have his landlord murdered and his apartment searched. Although Jacob had not yet realized it, the papers that had been given to him had been stolen from a CIA agent! And the CIA is not the only ones that are watching Jacob, and following as he leaves New York to travel to Israel!

Travel with Jacob as he visits Jerusalem and follows the same trail that the missing students followed. Read portions of Daniel's Prophecy. Share his joy of love with Ayn right before she is cruelly murdered, and, with a totally unexpected new partner, finds the tomb of Daniel, second son of David.

Prophecy of Power by Andrew Parker, is an exciting thriller based upon religious prophecy. I am already looking forward to the next novel, The Doomsday Preachers! Highly recommended for thriller/adventure readers, those that love to follow the puzzle to the prize and those who enjoy matching religious prophecy with today's world!

Ever thought who could be the next world power? Enjoy the possibilities in Prophecy of Power!

G. A. Bixler

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